GTA Online Needs Aircraft Customization

GTA Online enjoys one of the most active and passionate community among pretty much all major AAA games these days. The Subreddits and internet forums are teeming with life, as players endlessly discuss the best strategies, engage in speculation regarding future content or rant about hackers (well, not anymore).


Of course, among all those and fevered image sharing, they also often talk about features they would like to see in the game. Since about 99.9% of the playerbase actually has no experience as game developers, most of those ideas only actually seem good on paper - or in the author's mind.

However, every now and then we come across some ideas which are actually worth some merit - hell, even Rockstar has implemented some fan suggestions into the game. An example of this is the weapon locker which was finally added to the game in the recent Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC.



Ever since the conception of the series, vehicles have always been a major aspect - especially cars. After all, "Auto" is in the name of GTA. Car customization has hit its peak in 5, with the most number of vehicles available as well the widest possible range of modifications. The newest installment also features a great variety of visual options, crew emblems and a few cars can also be turned into flashy lowriders.

There are armored cars, turreted cars, luxurious cars, fast cars, cheap cars and expensive cars. There are countless spoilers, engine mods, body mods, paint jobs and lighting options. the number of possible combinations seems almost infinite, making it possible for no two player vehicles to be the same in a given session.


But the moment you take to the skies, everything looks the same. Granted, there is more than one kind of aircraft, however each model is the exact same. Every Luxor will look identical, every Swift and every SuperVolito will be the same.

One player has recently suggested via Reddit that a shop similar to Los Santos Customs should be added to the game for aircraft. Bataranger999 has named his idea "Bird Modifier", which would allow players to customize their aerial vehicles with stat upgrades and visual options.

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Among the upgrades would be the endurance of the rotor blades. These are among the most vulnerable sections of all helicopters, so reinforcing them makes sense. Armor could be added to the rides, as well as additional firepower and speed upgrades.

In terms of visuals, full resprays would be available as well as the option to add a crew emblem to the vehicle. This would allow you to stand out from the crowd even when you take to the skies. The airspace of Los Santos would be filled with aerial vehicles of all colors zipping about.


While in some cases options would be limited, like in the case of the Golden Luxor, where the color is more or less the whole point, but changing the interior decor for that overpriced beauty would still be pretty sweet.

Many planes and helicopters in GTA Online are just begging to undergo some serious customization - if Rockstar could implement an upgrade system as extensive as the one used for the cars, modding your beloved aerial vehicles will become a joy in and of itself.


Plus, you know, this makes sense from a business standpoint - make upgrading planes and helicopters really, really expensive and players will flock to buy up some Shark Cards. Not that they're not already doing that, but you know what we mean. Speak of, there is a sweet Steam sale going on right now.

Would you be interested in customizing your aerial vehicles in GTA Online?


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