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GTA Online Motor Wars Paying Big Bonuses In Event

This week, Rockstar Games is cutting back on the reward bonus opportunities, while ramping things up in the discount department. Grand Theft Auto Online players looking for a new pad are in luck, and a number of vehicles are discounted too. You can also hop into an Adversary Mode to earn big.

It's time go full Mad Max.

Rockstar's take on vehicular battle royale, Motor Wars, is paying out double this week both on GTA$ and RP. The Adversary Mode sees you dropped into a combat area with barely any weapons and a simple task - kill everyone on the opposing teams. Weapon pickups aid you in this noble quest, but the real prizes are the weaponized vehicles scattered throughout the arena waiting for you to hop in and wreak havoc.

Unlike these past few weeks where we saw multiple concurrent activities paying out bonuses, Motor Wars is the only promotional activity in GTA Online this week. The event lasts until the 10th of December, so if it isn't to your liking you'll have to wait until then for another decent opportunity for the big money. That said, even with the double payouts, business activities will likely earn you more anyway.

The main stars of discounts this week are the fine, fine examples of real estate on offer. All high-end apartments and stilt houses are 35% off, so if you need a luxurious place to crash after a hard day's work of thieving and murdering, now's your chance. But what is a luxury home without a luxury car in the garage? Luckily, Rockstar has you covered.

The Cheval Taipan, the Pegassi Reaper, the Pegassi Osiris, the Vapid FMJ, Annis Elegy Retro Custom, Vapid Dominator GTX and Progen GP1 are all 30% off. The Coil Rocket Voltic leads the charge with a 35% discount, however. Additionally, the Enus Stafford and Vapid Festival Bus are 25% off each. Some aircraft have also been reduced in price, with the Buckingham Luxor and Savage both 35% off, and the Blimp 25% off.

Check back next week to see what Rockstar has in store for the next event.


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