GTA Online Mods: No Means No, Don't Risk Your Account

Some people are convinced that when Rockstar says no mods allowed in GTA Online, they actually mean some mods allowed. Those people are wrong.


GTA Online's relationship with mods has always been a strenuous one, with Rockstar continuously making moves which have put the continued existence of fan-made content for GTA V in jeopardy. Granted, it seems that the modding community and Rockstar have something of an agreement, with modders staying out of Online, and anyone found altering the game in multiplayer having their access revoked.


In order to keep accidents to a minimum, Rockstar has made themselves absolutely clear on their policy regarding the use of mods in GTA Online, however some players just aren't getting the message.

Reddit threads are full of players asking "is x mod okay to use in GTA Online?". Recently, one player managed to coax a definitive answer from Rockstar regarding visual enhancements and graphical mods. Any kind of modification is grounds for banning, as in the case of visual mods, altering the lighting effects changes visibility, giving you an edge over other players.

Recently, a player took to Reddit to ask whether or not the use of an FOV mod in GTA Online will get them banned. This here is a prime example of people not listening. Even more so than in the case of mere visual mods, increasing one's Field of View gives them a massive advantage over other players, making this mod clearly in the red zone, even if we disregard that fact that all mods count as bannable offences.


Guys, don't risk your account, don't risk your access to the game. Remember that when Rockstar says that any and all mods used in GTA Online will get your ass pounded by the ban hammer, they really mean any and all.

Who here wishes that they'd be allowed to use mods in private lobbies while playing GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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