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GTA Online Modders Now Drop You In Bad Sport


It seems that the script kiddies of GTA Online are no longer content with stealing your money. After all, if that happens then you (as the victim) can contact support to get it all back in less than a day. There's no option for the lowly "hacker" to be a lasting pain in your ass.

These pathetic modders who like to call themselves "hackers", even though they haven't done anything more than download a file and use an in-game interface, seem to be keen on actively screwing people out of playing the game, rather than just ruining GTA Online for their own benefit. Seriously, using scripts to get money still makes a tiny bit of sense since the modder in question is "benefiting" from it. We put those in air-quotes since this being a game and all, earning that money is part of the fun.

However this crap they've begun to pull is just nonsense. GTA Online "hackers" now like to burden innocent players with an artificial bad sport rating. This system was originally implemented to filter out trolls, griefers and quitters from the pool of players with proper gaming etiquette.

Unfortunately, the exact people who the system is supposed to keep out have found a way around it, and have exploited it. Now, regular, law abiding players are being given the title of bad sport, all because some modders don't like the concept of you enjoying the game you've spent real money on.


In a brief departure from journalistic professionalism, let me illuminate just how absolutely repulsive and disgusting this sort of behavior is. People out there may not be in the best financial situation, with actual, real world problems, and maybe they can only afford to purchase one or two video games annually, maybe less. Maybe they're working horrible hours for unfair bosses, and get home tired and demotivated, and just want an hour or two of escape from reality via GTA Online. And then some spoiled shithead who downloaded some mod screws it all right up.

We hope no GTA BOOM readers have experienced this in GTA Online! If you have, be sure to let us know.


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Aron Gerencser

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