GTA Online Modders Now Drop You In Bad Sport

It seems that the script kiddies of GTA Online are no longer content with stealing your money. After all, if that happens then you (as the victim) can contact support to get it all back in less than a day. There's no option for the lowly "hacker" to be a lasting pain in your ass.

These pathetic modders who like to call themselves "hackers", even though they haven't done anything more than download a file and use an in-game interface, seem to be keen on actively screwing people out of playing the game, rather than just ruining GTA Online for their own benefit. Seriously, using scripts to get money still makes a tiny bit of sense since the modder in question is "benefiting" from it. We put those in air-quotes since this being a game and all, earning that money is part of the fun.

However this crap they've begun to pull is just nonsense. GTA Online "hackers" now like to burden innocent players with an artificial bad sport rating. This system was originally implemented to filter out trolls, griefers and quitters from the pool of players with proper gaming etiquette.


Unfortunately, the exact people who the system is supposed to keep out have found a way around it, and have exploited it. Now, regular, law abiding players are being given the title of bad sport, all because some modders don't like the concept of you enjoying the game you've spent real money on.


In a brief departure from journalistic professionalism, let me illuminate just how absolutely repulsive and disgusting this sort of behavior is. People out there may not be in the best financial situation, with actual, real world problems, and maybe they can only afford to purchase one or two video games annually, maybe less. Maybe they're working horrible hours for unfair bosses, and get home tired and demotivated, and just want an hour or two of escape from reality via GTA Online. And then some spoiled shithead who downloaded some mod screws it all right up.

We hope no GTA BOOM readers have experienced this in GTA Online! If you have, be sure to let us know.


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  1. First time logging into GTA online... created a character and loaded in... and I had on a dunce cap. Then, I learned what it meant... and how it happened. Modders...hackers... CHEATERS, got me... literally before I even loaded in for my VERY FIRST play session ever. Wow. I feel scammed out of money since Rockstar doesn't seem to do anything about it from what I have read.

  2. well.... Seems they are back at this again... my server the other night got hit with this.... get to spend 2 days in bad sport servers

  3. The modders seemed to have cooled down for a bit but noticed they're back with a vengeance. Like Aron wrote in his article, I don't come from the best situation either. Stuck working night shift the last ten years, trying to do schooling and my wife has fallen to schizophrenia which started 2 years ago. GTA was a nice escape for a couple hours. I make a decent income but the cost of living has skyrocketed so much, gaming as become one of the very few affordable hobbies left. What blows my mind with Rockstar, is that they've pulled in over 1 billion in sales, which is absolutely insane. That regardless of that enormous influx of cash, they're policing of GTA online has been lackluster at best. How they can still sell shark cards only to have a player have that amount wiped by a modder is nonsense. I know, we can submit a ticket to have it sorted and I have been down that path before. They don't always get it right, and like myself, people get tired of submitting tickets. The game may be over 3 years old but it's still producing more income than some new titles are making at launch this year. It's not an excuse, the EVE community wouldn't tolerate it.

  4. Yes, this happened to me last night. I was doing a supply mission, minding my own business, when out of nowhere I'm being blown up, re spawned, blown up again, then a message comes: "You have been put in bad sport lobby and your rp reset to Level 1".

    Got it resolved by a great tech named Isaac at R* via chat. The player was level 3000+ who did this to me. Checked the lobby before starting mission (should've been my first clue).

    I digress. In the end people, if you play straight and grind for everything like I do; avoid lobbies with obvious modded rankings. Also, if things start freezing like your player movements.....bail fast.

    1. The exact same thing happened to me today except what happened was a guy who was off the rader (either with cheats or not) was chasing he in a car. I was driving away when suddenly everyone starts blowing up and it blowing up and it shows that I was the one killing everyone. I do not know how a modder can make it look like someone else is killing people, but I got put in bad sport for this. Thankfully it expires in only a little bit over a day I believe.

  5. This happened to me a week ago.
    A player attacked an associate of mine and I saw him coming for me on the map. I got him before he got me. But then I got charged for destroying his car 110 time and gave me a bad sport. I only shot about 8 MG bullets and his car did not blow up. Rockstar retuned the money but did nothing on regards to bad sport. I am now on regular lobbies but I have the BadSport title where I had Clean Player before.

  6. Happened to me its my little brothers so now he cant play like he wants the “hacker” did this for a year and some change

  7. Happened to me today. I have been de-ranked by a hacker and I have been in touch with R☆ support. They said they re set my account, but they didn't. Any way I logged in to play online, spawned and there was a hacker, it appeared in my apartment and I all of a sudden got kicked for being a bad sport, no reason . 2 year 16 month time!?

  8. This happened to me today. This has been the first time I've been able to play gta on my ps3 in over a year. Attempting to play online was impossible for a year. It would always crash and not work. This is the 1st time I've been online in forever. I get online. A modder messes wi th me, my level is taken away, some money, and I'm a bad sport for almost 3 years. Now I have to lay in lobbies amongst people way better than me since I'm not an avid player. Ugh

  9. Please help a modder gave me bad sport for 2 years 6 months and 16 days please help I just want to be able to play with my girlfriend

  10. Yes I have this problem. I got bad sport since yesterday and today the timer said like 2 years and 3 months to be bad sport:( please who has an idea?

  11. This just happened to me, but I've already mentioned it, in an ongoing dialogue with support. There does seem to be a sense among fellow PS3 players that support is less present for us than those who have moved on to the PS4. I hope that's not true because this being addressed is a key factor in my choosing to make the upgrade myself when it's financially viable in the future. One guy described the scenario as the "wild west" for those of us on an older model. I think this is deeply frustrating given the popularity of this game, because we're still talking about thousands or even millions of players being effected by these shameless cheaters.

    Wearing my dunce cap now. On the plus side, I've now made 8 new deathmatches, six of them today. Love always wins.

  12. i know it wouldnt be to long till hackers started to make their way in to gta is pc remember.hackers and cheaters.this mite kill gta 5 online on the pc it usually does.console will be fine.

  13. Every time i get ont the pc gtav theres some clown cheating....dropping my tag in the i dont play as much as i would like cause i work 50 hrs a week so when i can play for a hour or so some dickhead screws it up an i have to leave and load a new session.....

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