GTA Online Modders' Framing Techniques Advance

Despite Rockstar's best efforts, the hacker issue in GTA Online looks like getting worse before it will get better. Hackers have relied on all kinds of underhanded tactics to slip through the net of Rockstar's anti modding protocols. Framing innocent players, or using them as a conduit for their dastardly deeds is hardly a new phenomenon, but now things have taken another turn.


A number of GTA Online players have reported that they've seen modders divert the kill feed to show that someone else is performing their actions. This way they can wantonly kill anyone, any number of times, using any method, and the other players will gang up on the poor sod whose name is showing up as the culprit.


One particular player even reported a case where the modder was remotely blowing them up again and again. The hacker proceeded to continue spawning explosions at the player's corpse and spawn point infinitely. This eventually overwhelmed the system and resulted a crash before the victim had a chance to switch sessions.

The most obvious problem with this is that the victims will then turn to reporting the framed player instead of the modder. Seeing as these hackers and script kiddies generally overlap with trolls, their goal is to cause mayhem. The displays of wanton hatred towards the innocent framed player gives them exactly what they want.

The various anti-modding methods employed by Rockstar, which mainly consist of hidden stats tracking various variables that could point to the use of mods and scripts, have done little to stop the tide. If modders can now fool the kill feed, that means that they have control over all of the stats within GTA Online, meaning they are undetectable to regular anti-cheat methods.

Have you had encounters with modders in GTA Online who framed others in the kill feed?

Aron Gerencser
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