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GTA Online Mobile Operations Week Is Here

We hope you have a huge armored murder truck stashed in one of your many garages, because this week it's worthwhile bringing out the MOC. Alongside cash bonuses for mobile operations, additional activities are also paying out big time, with some freebies and discounted items also on the cards in Grand Theft Auto Online this week.

Mobile Operations, short and sweet missions launched from your own Mobile Operations Center - a huge armored semi with a proper mission HQ decked out in the trailer - and part of the Gunrunning DLC (full guide here) Complete Gunrunning Guide For GTA Onlineare paying out double RP and GTA$ all week. What's more, if you complete any Mobile Operation anytime this week, a one-time bonus of GTA$ 100,000 will be kicked your way.

Even more lucrative is the double reward promo applied to all Gunrunning sell missions. Gunrunning didn't quite turn out to be the most profitable of the business-based DLCs, but it still pays better than just about every non-business activity short of heists, and with a 2x modifier you're looking at fortunes.

For those of you who haven't been in the game long enough to own bunkers or MOCs, you can still earn some extra cash this week. All Survival Series matches are paying out double rewards, so grab your friends, put on your body armor and hunker down in a defensible position.

If you are a true gun nut, you can telegraph that fact to every other player in your session by wearing the new, free Warstock cap, automatically unlocked by everyone who logs into GTA Online this week. For more free stuff, head down to the Diamond and spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance at a Declasse DR1.

To make this week's bonuses more accessible, all Bunkers and Mobile Operations Centers are 40% off. Additionally, you can pick up the Coil Rocket Voltic, Pegassi Infernus and Titan for 40% off, the Ocelot Stromberg and all bunker modifications for 30% off and all MOC customizations for 35% off!


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