All GTA Online Missions Modded Into Story Mode

Using mods to port new GTA Online content over to single player has developed something of its own sub-genre among GTA 5 mods. With Rockstar constantly updating Online with new content, missions and vehicles, but leaving the single player mode untouched since launch, it is up to players to keep expanding the solo experience. This is where mods come in to the picture, adding to or changing existing content in the story mode.


When modding started to catch on, many of the existing DLCs for GTA Online eventually made their way to single player. Vehicles, weapons and apartments which were previously Online exclusive were now accessible when playing alone. As new updates came out over time, the turnaround time between release and the completion of the porting mod decreased to just a day or two.


Currently, GTA 5 is more or less caught up with Online in terms of weapons and vehicles thanks to mods, however there is still a whole lot of content in Online which cannot be accessed with Franklin, Trevor or Michael.


Granted, much of the content in GTA Online doesn't even work in a solo environments, as they were developed with multiplayer in mind. Things such as deathmatches or Adversary Modes cannot be truly ported to single player. Then again, quite a bit of the Online exclusive content would work in SP.

Namely, the contact missions and other story-driven jobs. One modder has taken it upon himself to re-create every solo-compatible GTA Online mission with the build-a-mission modding tool.


GTA Online Missions for Single Player by DeaDPooL22 adds a whopping 107 missions to story mode from Online. Over time, the author has been updating the mod with new missions, such as those which were added to the game with the Lowriders DLC.

The mod is more or less free of any bugs, however (clearly) it does require your version of GTA V to be fully updated for the DLC missions to work. Several players running outdated versions of the game without certain DLCs installed encountered issues while attempting to load those missions.


The high rating and endorsements by known modders indicates that the author has put considerable effort into polishing and perfecting the missions he ported, making them resemble their Online counterparts perfectly. This is definitely a worthy addition to your game if you're looking to buff up the content.

What features of GTA Online would you like to see appear in single player?

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