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GTA Online's New Lowrider And Adversary Mode Released


Right on schedule, Rockstar has released the latest update for GTA Online. Announced officially last week and leaked a good long while before, the newest fully customizable lowrider has finally arrived to Benny's Original Motorworks along with the newest in a long line of Adversary Modes, Inch By Inch.


The new update's announcement coincided with the beginning of a new week-long GTA Online event with a rotating playlist of Adversary Modes providing twice as much RP and cash for each match. Incidentally, the current Adversary Mode which happens to be on offer for the double payout is Inch By Inch, a hectic football based mode.

The goal in the mode is to deliver the package, which spawns in the center of the playing field, to the score zone of your team while the opposing force tries to nab it from you by riddling the carrier with bullet holes. The twist here is that while carrying the package, you cannot use any weapons and need to rely on your mates for protection. This is a particularly fast paced mode, as the package re-spawns after each score.

The other new feature of the small scale update is the Vapid Minivan Custom, second of the three lowriders to be added to GTA Online in April. Next up is the Sabre GT custom, which will arrive next week following an announcement either tomorrow or Friday, if the template of the previous two releases is anything to go on.

The Minivan was probably the car in GTA Online that players least expected to see as a lowrider, however in practice it works surprisingly well. The sliding doors make it an ideal troop transport for your crew, as passengers are given a wide firing angle. Riding into an impromptu battle with a squad of these isn't only effective, but exceedingly stylish.


Once the Sabre GT Custom is released next week (possibly alongside a second football themed Adversary Mode), we'll reach the end of all the content that has been leaked so far, leaving the future updates of GTA Online a complete mystery.

Whether or not Rockstar decides to continue with the lowrider theme or to sail to new and unfamiliar seas is anyone's guess, though as far as much of the community is concerned, seeing something new and fresh would be preferred - such as a biker or police themed DLC.

How do you like GTA Online's newest Adversary Mode and lowrider?


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