GTA Online Meets Rocket League

If you have been paying attention to the video gaming scene (besides all the new GTA Online DLC) at all in the past months, chances are you know about a little game called Rocket League. It's grown into quite the massive sensation. Every now and then some games manage to hit an elusive and undefined sweet-spot which turns them into massive hits, and Rocket League is one of them.

Games that achieve this are often very different from one another, making it impossible to boil things down to a given formula. However, one aspect is always present: multiplayer. Of course, GTA 5 achieved immense success upon launch, when Online wasn't available yet. However it must be noted that GTA Online was part of V's marketing and contributed to its continued success.

Rocket League is a pretty simple concept. Get a larger than usual football field, a larger than usual football, close off the field with walls and a ceiling and populate the two teams with rocket-powered cars. The objective is pretty simple: knock the football into the opponent team's goal.


Since its release, Rocket League has sold over 6 million copies and grown into a bonafide E-sport with large international championships being held. The game recently adopted a microtransaction system, allowing players to buy randomized cosmetic rewards for real money.

Either way, some games like Counter Strike, League of Legends and most recently Rocket League just explode into the market, amassing massive playerbases in short amounts of time. Now, when you have multiple massively popular games out there with overlapping fanbases, fan made content will also reflect that overlap.


The recently released Stunt Race Creator for GTA Online has enabled Rocket League fans to bring the object of their fandom over into Rockstar's open-world crime adventure. While the end result clearly isn't quite as polished as the game itself, the effort put into it is admirable.

First off, a Stunt Race map was built to look like a Rocket League arena. There is a football field and large walls surrounding it, covered by strategically placed booster pads. A massive football prop acts as the ball necessary for scoring and voila. The booster pads seen in the GIF have since been replaced by boost pickups in the new, updated version of the map.


There are some slight issues though, such as no way of tracking the scores in-game, said scores not actually counting and the "wrong way" banner obscuring the screen depending on where you're going. Either way, the attempt is quite admirable, so props to the creator!

Here is a link to the map's listing on the Rockstar Social Club, allowing you to add it to your game. You need to add it, then access it from the pause menu in-game by navigating to bookmarked jobs and stunt races.

Have you ever tried replicating Rocket League's gameplay in GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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