GTA Online Lowriders Week – Discounts And Giveaways

Hope you’ve been saving up, because Rockstar has a treat for you.

While the double GTA $ and RP weekend event to commemorate Friday the 13th was a step in the right direction, Rockstar has now proven that it heard the community’s pleas regarding the insane prices of the Lowrider upgrades with this week-long event.

They’re still not making things overly easy for you, but this week putting together your dream ride will be more manageable – and you won’t need to skimp on those hydraulics you wanted so much either.


Benny’s Original Motorworks is slashing the prices of the cars themselves, plus the procedure needed to upgrade them to lowrider status. Each day, a different lowrider will be available at 25% off, with the same discount on the upgrade.

  • Monday: 25% off Declasse Voodoo (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Tuesday: 25% off Albany Primo (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Wednesday: 25% off Albany Buccaneer (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Thursday: 25% off Declasse Moonbeam (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Friday: 25% off Vapid Chino (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Saturday: 25% off Willard Faction (Base Price & Upgrade)


The bobbleheads will also be getting the sale treatment with a 75% discount, and Ammunation is joining Benny’s in slashing certain prices by 25%.


Just in case your dream car still breaks the bank with these discounts, Rockstar is offering some serious opportunities to rack up some cash. During the week, each day will see a new and unique event playlist which will grant players double the GTA$ and RP. On Saturday, Lamar will be offering twice as much for four of his contact missions. On Sunday, it will be time to get violent, as the four new Adversary Modes will also give double payouts.


Players will also be rewarded simply for logging in each by with one-of-a-kind hats, which cannot be acquired any other way.

  • Monday: The ‘Strawberry’ Hat
  • Tuesday: The ‘Magnetics Block’ Hat
  • Wednesday: The ‘SA’ Hat
  • Thursday: The ‘Boars’ Hat
  • Friday: The ‘Davis’ Hat
  • Saturday: The ‘Westside’ Hat
  • Sunday: The ‘Eastside’ Hat

Who’s planning on earning up for your dream lowrider in this GTA Online event?

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