GTA Online Lowriders Kills Any Chance Of Halloween DLC

Easy come, easy go. That saying is more and more fitting to GTA V DLC rumors, regardless of how much faith the Lowriders announcement has restored to the tipsters and data miners of the GTA community.

As we turned our calendars to October, almost immediately did GTA V players begin to theorize about what kinds of surprises Rockstar has in store for the community on Halloween. The highly commercialized and capitalized holiday which, as opposed to the costumed-candy-fest that it is today, originally was meant to be a solemn remembrance of those who are not among us anymore, is extremely popular in the United States. And, much like Christmas, Halloween is now much more about spending money than anything else.


Considering how deeply rooted the humor and style of GTA is is social satire and commentary, Halloween would be a perfect time to flex those flippant cynicism muscles Rockstar’s writers keep exercising. However, considering that the rather substantial Lowriders DLC will be launching on the 20th, not but 10 days from the eponymous holiday, we think you can say goodbye to your in-game jack’o’lantern shirt and vampire costume.

What is more likely however, is for Rockstar to just go ahead and do what they did last year around, and host a weekend event with double RP and GTA $ payouts for select missions with a spooky twist, and to throw a discount on certain items (they might also have Sasquatches spawn randomly during the event, and maybe tweak the ghost easter egg a bit).


While most Halloween DLC rumors only pertained to cosmetic items, with the team hard at work on ensuring that the Lowriders launch happens without a hitch, it is doubtful that any resources are devoted to Halloween DLC. However, there is a mod for that.

Are you guys looking forward to the Halloween GTA Online weekend event?

Aron Gerencser
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