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GTA Online Lowriders Infodump


Are you guys excited for the upcoming Lowriders update? Is the trailer enough to scratch the itch? Does tomorrow seem much too far away?


Well, here's a ton of info about the update to get you even more excited and impatient. You're welcome.

The folks over at the GTA V subreddit have collected all known information, as well as the most pressing questions regarding the update.

A list of confirmed features has been compiled, with all known info. We know that a new car shop, Benny's Original Motor Works, which specializes in selling and modding lowrider vehicles is incoming. This is the shop which you'll be visiting the most come Tuesday. This shop, and its website which you can access through the in-game smartphone, is where you'll be able to purchase one of the 8 new cars, and customize vehicles with some serious flash.

The new vehicles coming in the update are the Chino, Buccaneer, Primo, Faction ( returning from GTA IV), Moonbeam and the clean Voodoo. These vehicles can then be customized with all sorts of interior and exterior bling.

  • Engine block covers and air filters
  • Interior material (leather, velour, etc) and patterns
  • Dials with custom colors and designs
  • Custom steering wheel
  • Custom shift lever
  • Hydraulics (bounce higher with more powerful pumps)
  • Stereos, speakers, and subs
  • Neons (already in the game)
  • Paint jobs
  • Plaques
  • Rims/Tire Modifications
  • Custom License Plates (eg. LS Pounders)
  • License Plate Holders
  • Bobbleheads

One question that has been raised again and again is whether or not only the new lowriders will be customizable, or if the player will be able to trick out any of their numerous cars.


We also know that the new interaction menu will let us show off what our new rides are capable of, such as revving the engines, popping the hood, and so on. The update will also bring three new adversary modes, new missions from Lamar, two new weapons, and an unknown number of cosmetic items.

What feature of GTA Online Lowriders are you most looking forward to?


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