GTA Online And Lowriders Fatigue

Not too long ago, Take-Two Interactive's president Karl Slatoff made a statement that the publisher will avoid "milking" its franchises with forced annual release schedules and decreased development times to avoid a drop in quality and causing fans to experience what he called "franchise fatigue".


Rockstar Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two, then proceeded to squeeze the same DLC concept - Lowriders - for more content for about half a year. Now, granted, it's far from the same thing, and true, we did get Executives and Other Criminals in between. However, Lowriders initially released in October, 2015. Now, in April, we're slated to get a new lowrider vehicle per week and who know how things will look come May.


Let there be no mistake - Lowriders was a great update. The fans loved it and for good reason. New contact missions, Benny's Original Motorworks and countless new items? Neat. While it is true that Benny's launched with a pretty limited inventory, it has since been expanded with smaller updates.


Except those updates were separated with other, non-lowrider themed DLCs to keep things fresh. The last update GTA Online received was Lowriders: Custom Classics and now we're getting a whole month dedicated to lowrider cars.

Thing is, fans are getting a bit bored of it. Lowriders were flashy and interesting when they were first shown off, but the novelty is gone. Sure, adding more rides to Benny's isn't a bad thing, but it should be a bonus, a secondary feature, not the backbone carrying new content.


Several threads have popped up on various discussion forums and subreddits dedicated to GTA V and Online where fans have expressed their desire for other kinds of DLC for the game - DLC not focused on new cars being added to Benny's. Among the most requested features are more contact missions, or further content for VIPs and Bodyguards to make use of.

Another idea that has recently popped up is to introduce a rival to Benny's. Benny's is a special mod shop focusing on the typical lowrider style - even though the Banshee 900R and Sultan RS are sports vehicles. How about introducing a different body shop where players can trick out their rides in a style that evokes the military, or an executive chop-shop where any car can get armored up and modded to look elegant and sleek?


The other hotly requested DLC isn't related to cars at all. Considering how many MC crews there are in GTA Online, it should come as no surprise that the fans a clamoring for a Biker DLC, with appropriate outfits, character customization options and, most importantly, new bikes.

This could be taken further by either allowing bikes to be serviced at Benny's, or by adding a new motorcycle-specific customization store. Throw in a few new missions, a weapon or two and a biker themed Adversary mode and the community would be more than satisfied with the new content.

Would you like to see GTA Online continue on the lowrider theme, or would you like things to be changed up a bit?

Aron Gerencser
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