GTA Online Lowriders Event Weekend Kicked Off

Rockstar knows just how to raise people’s hopes and dash them instantly. With the recent release of Lowriders DLC, players are desperately scuttling for ways of getting rich quick, as customizing the lowriders is a sure fire way of breaking the bank.

While we’re not talking a $10 million gold plated private jet, you will be blowing well over a million for each fully customized lowrider, and there are six of the beasties with plenty of customization options for you to pick from. Lowriders really is the completionist’s nightmare, and grinding the Pacific Standard Heist umpteen times is hardly a cheery prospect.

Well, in case you were hoping for a double GTA $ event, then…


You’re bloody out of luck. Yes, Rockstar is hosting a weekend event to commemorate the release of the Lowriders GTA Online update, none of the activities involved will help you multiply your bank account balance any faster. The event will take place from the 23rd of October all the way to the 25th.

Firstly, Rockstar is rewarding players for merely logging in. If you jump in to GTA Online on Friday, you’ll get a “Magnetics” cap, “Low Santos” for Saturday and “Benny’s Original Motorworks” on Sunday to top it all off.

As Lowriders has added the chance to buy a fourth property, players seeking to expand their available garage space are in luck, as while the event lasts, there is a 25% discount on properties with 10 slot garages.

For players keen on more cash, Rockstar is hosting a GTA $1 million snapmatic contest, but there can only be one winner, so it’s no guarantee.

You can also easily give the three new Adversary Modes a try with the convenient event playlist. Previous generation players, having missed out on the update, are treated to a 2x RP and GTA$ event. Rockstar will also be hosting some giveaways for social club members, so this is a great chance to get your hands on some physical goods.

Are you guys excited about the GTA Online weekend event?

Aron Gerencser
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