GTA Online Lowriders Brings Plenty Of Unlisted Features

The recent reveal, and subsequent release of the Lowriders update for GTA Online had the community all excited for the new vehicles, sweet customization options, new weapons, a fourth property and new story missions from Lamar.

The DLC’s existence was rumored for a very long time before Rockstar decided to pull the curtain and announce the update. This wasn’t surprising only in the fact that it actually existed, but how similar it was to the rumors which eventually pissed off the community so much that everyone just assumed they were hoaxes!

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The update went live yesterday, and while all the teased content has the majority of players busy running missions for Lamar and putting together their dream lowrider (provided they have the funds, of course.), some more attentive GTA Online fans have begun to discover some new features which weren’t advertised. In fact, the Lowriders update is a lot larger than we all initially thought.

Rockstar has opted to strew 200 new weapon pickup locations throughout the GTA Online map in order to keep the newly updated Freemode more action packed, ensuring that you’ll never have a dull moment in the over-world.

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A new type of race job has also been added, which will certainly motivate you to overtake your opponents – based on initial settings, every lap, or 15/30/61 seconds, the person in last place explodes! That one is gonna be fun!

Three new emotes can also be used for communication since the update. The Chin Brush, Chicken Taunt and No Way gestures have been added to the game.

Players can also now purchase ammo from the player interaction menu, making it no longer necessary to physically go to an Ammunation store.

lowrider-car-show (1)

Three new Adversary Modes have also been added to the game. Keep the Pace forces you to stay at a given speed. Offense Defense is a standard runner/hunter type mode. Finally, Relay works much like the sport in real life.

What is your favorite part of the GTA Online Lowriders update? There’s so much cool new stuff to do, we’re not entirely sure where to start!

Aron Gerencser
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