GTA Online Lowriders As Told By Snapmatic

The GTA V community has quite a few budding photographers among it, so it seems. The game caters not only to filmmakers with the versatile Rockstar Editor, a way to capture footage in game and then add effects, but also has a feature called “snapmatic“.


Snapmatic allows you to take photos and edit them in game, and was developed specifically for GTA V. As is in real photography, there is a lot more to snapping a good picture than just pushing a button. You need to take light into account, direction, background, distance, colors, perspective, and a thousand other factors when you’re looking for the perfect shot.


The GTA V photography community is a large one with plenty of talent to go around. Rockstar has noticed this as well, and frequently hosts snapmatic contests for in-game cash prizes. These will come especially handy if any up and coming photographer is looking to get their hands on a new lowrider, the prices of which are astronomical. Also, Rockstar has just put on a snapmatic contest for the current weekend event, and while these images predate said contest, they sure as heck would have had a shot at winning. Although if this is what players produce just for fun, wait till you see what they submit when motivated by a GTA $1 million prize!


As you can see, these images are of a professional quality, with expert use of lighting, direction and contrast. Some photographers take their art extremely seriously, and are ready and willing to pay in blood for the perfect shot (not their own blood, of course).


So metal.

All these beauties are showing off the goods and features of the recently released Lowriders update for GTA Online, which is possibly the biggest update yet, sans the Heists update some time ago.


Have we got any GTA BOOM readers that count themeselves as budding GTA V photographers too?

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