All Media Sticks Locations for Los Santos Tuners (Unlock CircoLoco EP & CircoLoco Tee)

Los Santos Tuners brings a lot of new content to GTA Online, one of which is an activity that has you searching for secret media sticks (USB) scattered around Los Santos. If you're just beginning this DLC, feel free to check out our Auto Shops guide to get started.

There are a total of four media sticks and one secret media stick. Collecting all four unlocks CircoLoco's EPs. Each EP is associated with one media stick, and collecting all four also rewards you with a CircoLoco Tee along with an additional mix called "CLR Launch Party (Seth Troxler)."

You also get 1,000 RP per media stick. So, by the time you've collected the fifth media stick, you would have earned a total of 5,000 RP. When you collect the fifth one, you unlock Kenny's Backyard Boogie by Moodyman.


This guide shows you the location of all five media sticks and the associated rewards. We also have a video guide for your reference.

Note that all the media sticks are red in color.

Video Guide

Media Stick #1 - Black EP

The first media stick can be found at the LS Car Meet.

The media stick is on the red toolbox to the far left as soon as you enter the LS Car Meet.

Media Stick #2 - Blue EP

The second media stick is on the Casino Rooftop.

The media stick is on the second shaded table.

Media Stick #3 - Violet EP

The third media stick can be found at any one of the Nightclub Offices. You do not need to own a nightclub to acquire this media stick.

Media Stick #4 - Green EP

The fourth media stick can be found at any one of the arcade bars. Once again, you do not need to own an arcade to collect this one.

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Media Stick #5 - Kenny's Backyard Boogie

The fifth media stick can be found at the LS Car Meet. It is found in a white Bravado that spawns randomly at the LS Car Meet. The stick is in the trunk of the vehicle with a red record.

The car does not always spawn at the car meet. If that happens to you, exit the LS Car Meet and re-enter. The vehicle does not spawn in a fixed location inside the car meet location.

The car will also have a number plate that reads "MOODYMAN."

You will have to look around the area as it can spawn anywhere in the car meet lot.


The following are the rewards associated with the collection of the media sticks. In addition to the following, you also earn a total of 5,000 RP (1,000 RP per media stick) for finding all the sticks.

The EPs

The EPs you've unlocked upon collecting all the media sticks can be played by first turning on the radio and selecting the "Media Player" from the radio wheel.

Then you can select the EPs from the inventory in the interaction menu.

The additional mix called "CLR Launch Party (Seth Troxler)" can also be played from the media player. You can also play Kenny's Backyard Boogie by Moodyman here.

CircoLoco’s Tee

You'll also receive CircoLoco's Tee. You can find the Tee by going to the Tops > Labels > CircoLoco Tee in your Wardrobe.

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