GTA Online: Los Santos Tuner Exotic Exports List Guide

Los Santos Tuners offers a new job that tasks you with finding cars and delivering them for a handsome amount of cash in return. The Exotic Exports List is basically just a fancier name given to Simeon Cars, but also with better pay.

Exotic Exports List

The Exotic Exports vehicle list is available inside your Auto Shop once you've completed your first contract. The list is on the wall on the upper floor of your Auto Shop. The Exotic Exports vehicle list refreshes every 24 hours.

Exotic Export Guide


When you find a vehicle, you must deliver it to the docks. Successfully delivering the vehicle will reward you with GTA$20,000 and 1,000 RP. That is per vehicle. If you manage to deliver all the vehicles on the list, you will also get an additional bonus of GTA$100,000. There are always ten vehicles on the list.


Exotic Export Guide

Job Mechanics

The dock icon automatically appears on your map once you collect the vehicle.

Exotic Export Guide

The cars are randomly spawned in the Free Roam world, and are indicated by a small blue dot on your mini-map. The blue dot makes it easier to identify the vehicles.

Exotic Export Guide

Prepare to be annoyed as the blue dot can also represent one of the random events such as a sleeping Cayo Perico guard, a Drug Delivery random event, etc. If you do come across one, complete the random event to increase the chances of an exotic vehicle spawning.

Random Guard Event Location Visual

The good thing about this job is that you can complete this mission in any session type, whether public, invite-only or solo. You can complete this mission without having to worry about the griefers. If by any chance, the vehicle is destroyed, it will spawn back in later.

There are 100 possible fixed spawn locations where you can find the vehicles on the list, and these are always marked by a blue dot on your minimap. You need to deliver all 10 that can spawn in any of these 100 possible locations to get the GTA$100K bonus - yup that's right! The following map shows the locations of all 100 spawn points. It is a high-resolution 8K image. Feel free to click on it and save it for better viewing.

Gta Exotic Exports Vehicle Locations

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The locations are always random in every lobby, and all the players in the lobby will get the same locations. This means if another player gets to the car before you, they can deliver it, and you will miss your chance.

Now, just glancing at 100 possible locations might seem like an impossible task to complete but remember, you can always complete this in an invite-only session without worrying about griefers.

Otherwise, do not fret, this mission can be completed in a few hours if you follow our guide.

The fastest way to complete this mission is by getting into one of the flying vehicles such as an Oppressor MKII, Buzzard helicopter, or a Hydra jet and fly around the map until you see a blue dot appear on your minimap.

Exotic Export Guide

When the blue dot appears you will know as the minimap will flash white as soon as the dot appears, so you can't miss it. What makes this easier is that we already have the locations of all 100 possible spawn points. All you need to do is fly over these locations. You can plan your route from the bottom of the map all the way to the top, covering all the possible spawn points.

Don't get discouraged if you do not see a blue dot appear - just make sure you go through all the points. If you are already in the middle of delivering a vehicle and decide to switch, you won't continue the same vehicle delivery if you do change lobbies. Instead, you will enter a new lobby with a different set of vehicle spawns.

Exotic Export Guide

It is also possible for the blue dot to appear twice. Yes, even if you've already collected one car and are on your way to deliver it to the docks, another one can spawn in. Do not leave your current car in hopes of coming back for it after delivering another one. If you leave one vehicle and collect the other, your previously collected vehicle will despawn.

Exotic Export Guide

Exotic Export Guide

The second car can sometimes spawn because the spawning of the vehicle is already determined by the game and has a fixed sequence - unknown to the players, of course. As soon as you collect one marked car, another one spawns in one of the 100 possible spawn locations. Hence the reason you can see another blue dot appear on the map whilst already delivering one of the exotic vehicles. This is also one of the reasons why when you switch the session, you get a new set of vehicle spawns, because a new sequence starts.


You also get awards for all the hard work and grind you go through when delivering these vehicles. There are two main awards - Car Exporter and Pro Car Exporter.

Exotic Export Guide

You get the Car Exporter award for delivering 10 (Bronze), 25 (Silver), 50 (Gold), and 100 (Platinum) vehicles to the docks. The Bronze award rewards you 100 RP, Silver rewards you with 200 RP, Gold rewards you with 400 RP, and Platinum rewards you with 800 RP. You get the Pro Car Importer Platinum award upon successfully delivering all ten vehicles on the list.

Here are a couple of things that you must take care of if you're experiencing any issues with this job.

  • If you cannot see the blue dot at all, make sure you set your 'Air-Freight' option to 'Show' in the interaction menu. First, open your interaction menu and then navigate to Hide Options > Others > Air-Freight to reach this option.
    Exotic Export Guide
  • If you see one of the listed vehicles on the road but not indicated by a blue dot, do not pick it up as doing so will disrupt the activity resulting in you changing the session for a new sequence.
  • You cannot see the blue dot if you're in Passive Mode. You will also not be able to see the other players delivering the exotic vehicle. So make sure you're not in Passive Mode when carrying out this activity.
    Exotic Export Guide
  • Do not switch sessions in the middle of delivering your vehicle.

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