GTA Online Launches New Bonuses Week

Another week, another GTA Online event offering discounts, a double RP and cash promo and a new premium race. While Rockstar has whetted our appetite with their official confirmation of the long-awaited Bikers DLC, they chose not to share a release date with us, leaving players anxiously chewing off their nails while feverishly hitting F5 with the Newswire open every ten minutes or so.


Well, we might be exaggerating there a bit, but players are anticipating the launch of Bikers nonetheless. However, chances of said launch coming to pass in September are slim, so we have to make do with the knowledge that it’s coming. In the meantime, Rockstar is trying to feed a den of several million hungry lions with a single malnourished chicken by kicking off yet another GTA Online bonuses week.

Nothing in the promotions active between the 23rd and 29th of September have anything to do with bikes. At all. So resign yourselves to the fate of waiting for Bikers, and make the most of what you can with this event – which is actually a very solid lineup of GTA Online promotions.


Instead of just slapping the double RP and cash bonus onto some Adversary Mode this week (though that still applies), Rockstar chose to grace some of the best and most popular missions in Online with the promo: Lamar’s Contact Missions. Contact Missions in GTA Online are what actually give the massively multiplayer experience its story and narrative. For a long time, players have been calling for new contact missions to be added via DLC. Maybe in Bikers?

Either way, Lamar’s Lowrider missions, added in the DLC of the same name way back when, will be rewarding players with twice as much dough and renown than usual. Joining the Contact Missions are the obligatory Adversary Modes – all maps of Entourage also have the same bonus applied to them.


But wait! There’s More! It seems that in anticipation of the Bikers update, Rockstar is giving the players of GTA Online more opportunities to line their pockets with cash. While this leaves us a bit concerned about the price of the vehicles, items and content that is to be added with Bikers, it is also a welcome opportunity to rack up a fortune.

The same double RP and GTA $ promo applies to a special event playlist featuring four of the stunt races added in Cunning Stunts and its two followups. The playlist features the Vespucci, Canyon Crossing, Plummet and Chiliad stunt races. It’s nice to see Rockstar offering a greater measure of variety in their double RP and money promos for GTA Online, catering to different groups of players and allowing gamers to switch things up instead of grinding the same 3-4 jobs without end.


Of course, a bonuses week also means items and vehicles in GTA Online are on discount, and Rockstar has extended said discounts to some of the fastest and most popular cars. These vehicles are a hot commodity, and not just because they heat up the asphalt. The Progen T20, former fastest car of the game, the ever popular Pegassi Zentorno and the new Emperor ETR1 are all 25% off at Legendary Motorsports while the event lasts.

Should you be looking for a ride less sporty and lithe, offering more in way of protection and utility, Rockstar hasn’t forgotten you either. Both the standard and the armored variant of the Gallivanter Baller are also discounted by 25% from the same distributor.

Swift Deluxe

Players who want to dominate the skies as much as the roads, but with style as opposed to firepower, are also being catered to. Elitás Travel, GTA Online’s one-stop way of buying luxury aerial vehicles over the internet with just a few clicks (because that’s how it works in real life) is offering a 25% discount on the Swift, Swift Deluxe, Volatus, Luxor and Luxor Deluxe vehicles.

The new event week also marks the designation of the new Premium Race, which is once again a stunt track – it’s likely they all will be until we run out – offering the most skilled racers greater rewards. This time you’ll be competing on the East Coast Stunt Race to nick one of the top three places for a money reward, with the winner taking home 100k. While only podium positions get money rewards, everyone benefits from the triple RP multiplier.


Which of these GTA Online promos will you make the most use of?

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