GTA Online's Kuruma Glitch In Pac Standard Patched

It's as if millions of in-game bank accounts suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

And that fear is unfortunately founded. Players have begun reporting and confirming that, after all these years, Rockstar has patched the famous glitch which allowed the finale of the Pacific Standard Job heist to be completed with relative ease, allowing players to finish it without losing too much cash from the money bags.

The glitch, which has carried many names through the ages such as "The Pac Stan Glitch" or the "Kuruma glitch" was a small but significant programming error in the finale mission of the game's last and most lucrative heist. This mission involves the heist members carrying money bags out of the bank and escaping while being attacked. Whenever someone took damage, money would fall out of the bag, decreasing the payout.


By default, the game provides you with getaway vehicles, however these are bikes, leaving the players exposed. Another issue is that since everyone is riding individually, getting separated can lead to disaster as the death of just one member will cause failure.  This aptly difficult finale made the Criminal Mastermind Challenge frighteningly easy to fail in its final stretch.

Until the glitch was discovered. This simple glitch allowed players to access their properties, and thus garages, during the mission, which happens to take place really close to one of the choosable apartments. The method required someone on the team to own said property and an armored Kuruma.

Said player would, without a money bag, rush to the property, grab the armored Kuruma and drive back to pick up the others. This way the team can make its getaway without taking pretty much any damage and winning the maximum payout with ease.

Alas, no more. From now on, whenever anyone tries to enter their apartment during the missions, they will be greeted with the dreaded "You cannot access your apartment at this time" system message. No property, no garage, no Kuruma.

This glitch was the lifeblood of those players who ran heists with randoms, since the number of absolutely inept players in GTA Online is frighteningly high, meaning that herding the randoms into the Kuruma was the best way to prevent someone who doesn't understand the mechanics ruining the mission for everyone involved. While finishing the mission with low damage is still possible, it's going to be much harder without a disciplined team that's communicating.

Aron Gerencser
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