GTA Online: Itali GTB Released

Just like clockwork, Rockstar released the newest mini update for GTA Online after a set of discounts expired yesterday and were replaced by a new set. Those particular discounts have yet to be announced formally, however the newest vehicle has, and is already available in-game.

Yesterday a number of players reported a new set of discounts going into effect after the previous set, still around from the FCR 1000 release, expired. The new set slashed the prices of yachts, executive offices and the HVY insurgent by 50%, while discounting office interiors by 25%.


The activation of the new discounts lead us to believe that a new vehicle expansion is set to be released today, following Rockstar's tendency to release updates on Tuesdays. True enough, the all new Progen Itali GTB ( apparently "Italia" and other better-sounding variations didn't do well with the focus groups or something) and its custom variant are now available for purchase at Benny's Original Motorworks.

Lithe, focused, aggressive: if you've ever made passionate love to an angry jungle cat, you'll have an inkling of what it's like to take Progen's new Itali GTB out for a gentle spin. And if you've ever made passionate love to a stripped down, track-ready jungle cat with a massive rear spoiler, you'll have some idea of what Benny can do to this thing.

The base vehicle costs GTA$ 1,189,000, and the custom upgrade costs GTA$ 495,000. Essentially, the Itali (which still sounds über weird) is a cheaper and appropriately weaker version of the T20, also of Progen manufacture. Performance-wise, it falls short of most recent additions to the supercar lineup the game has seen, and the previous top rides such as the RE-7B still outperform it even fully upgraded.

That said, don't mistake this for a bad racing choice. While there are vehicles which have better stats, the Itali is good enough in pretty much all aspects to be a winning vehicle in the hands of a good driver. Sure, if two experienced drivers meet up, the one with the better car will win, but the Itali can leave X80s and ETR1s in the dust if their drivers aren't skilled.

Naturally, those of you who bought the auto shop add-on for your executive garages can purchase, upgrade and customize the vehicle in-house. Remember folks, the best way to flaunt wealth is to spend money on things that make the spending of further money more convenient.

True old-timers and fans of retro games might even recognize the Itali from it's previous and only other appearance in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, though pretty much the name is all that links the two cars. A barely detailed 2D pixelated top-down sprite of what was intended to be a car based on a Ferrari appeared in GTA 1, also called the Itali. The Itali is now the car in the franchise with the longest time having passed in between its first and second appearance in the franchise, being almost 20 years.

The custom variant of the ride comes with 9 liveries, with the iconic and essential Redwood being among them. The most visible customization options can be seen on the front-end of the ride around the iconic extension, as well as on the spoilers. The Itali's design cues borrow much from modern McLaren cars, in spite of the original being a parody of Ferrari. In spite of being called Itali, McLaren is a British manufacturer.

Whether or not you want to drop a million, or one and a half, for this car, comes down to whether or not you like the looks. Fully upgrading it will push you close to the 2 million mark, at which point you might as well just buy a T20 if you don't have one already, provided you're looking for performance.

The Itali might serve well as a racer in case you want to show off your skills, but it best serves the role of a flashy Freemode cruiser. If the design ticks with you and there are custom additions that you like, it can be a signature vehicle for you,. But beyond that, there are better options out there. It all comes down to looks and personal preference.

Will you be buying a Progen Itali GTB, or are you waiting for the next GTA Online update?

Aron Gerencser
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