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GTA Online Independence Day DLC Live


With the recent release of the Pfister 811 and accompanying weekend event in GTA Online, Rockstar also announced that they will be celebrating Independence Day within the virtual bounds of Los Santos this weekend as well.

Gta V Independence Day

Rockstar has a running history of commemorating Independence Day in GTA Online with special content. The Independence Day Special update was first released two years ago and brought a whole lot of fun items and vehicles to the game in order to help players better display their patriotism.

These items included muskets, Patriot Tire Smoke, beer-hats, mullets, muskets and fireworks launchers. For players who wanted to show off their love of their country on the road too, Rockstar added two vehicles in the shape of the Liberator, a massive red white and blue monster truck, and the Sovereign, a chopper which is basically a US flag on two wheels.

Gta V Independence Day Screenshot

As heavy handed as all this is, it fits Rockstar's style and the fans loved it. To keep that sense of exclusivity alive, Rockstar only made these items available temporarily during the celebrations, making them highly sought after. Many players who have missed out in the past two years have been yearning for them ever since.

Well, if you're among these players, Rockstar has a treat for you. In order to celebrate Independence Day this year once again, some of the special items are once again available in GTA Online. Rockstar is accompanying these goods with a patriotic double RP and GTA $ celebration playlist to complete the experience.

Vapidtheliberator Gtav Front

Unfortunately, not all of the original Independence Day Special items are on offer - the ground fireworks are notably missing. The others - including the musket - are available however. Refer to the price guide below:

  • Liberator - $556,510
  • Sovereign - $90,000
  • Fireworks Launcher - $45,750
  • Musket - $11,250
  • Patriot Tire Smoke - $22,500

This special stock will be available for purchase through the 11th of July, which is next Monday. After that, players will presumably have to wait another year to gain these items should they miss out due to vacation habits or whatnot.


The playlist we mentioned earlier supports up to 8 players and takes you across three jobs that Rockstar felt are the most 'Murican with some added twists. The team deathmatch map "Road Tripping" kicks off the playlist, followed by "Across the Wilderness" with all vehicles being locked down to the Liberator monster truck. The playlist concludes with a Sovereign-only run of "Tour the Lake".

This playlist will be live through the 4th of July, which is the *actual* day of Independence. It awards twice as much RP and GTA $ on all missions as the usual payout, so you have even more motivation to show your patriotism by powering through the event playlist.


However Rockstar has even more goods in store for fans this week. Through the 7th of July, they are holding yet another one of those reverse-sales on Shark Cards. This means that each Card costs the same as it did until now, but they yield greater amounts of in-game cash.

Logically, the bigger the Card, the bigger the bonus, with the Megalodon giving buyers an extra 50% GTA $ - meaning that it is worth 12 million in-game. This promo is active for all cards from the Bull Shark upwards. A great chance to thicken your in-game wallet, no?


Many players assumed Independence Day would mark the release of the Cunning Stunts DLC since the promo image shows a stunt map with elements resembling a US flag, but alas, it seems we must wait a bit more for that. It is bound to be released sometime during the summer.

Which part of the GTA Online Independence Day celebration has you most in the patriotic mood?


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