GTA Online Fans Share Thoughts On In And Out

GTA Online’s newest Adversary Mode called In and Out was released yesterday. While Rockstar was a tad slow on posting the official announcement on the Newswire, players were already stealing packages moments after launch. Seeing as Adversary Modes have become a tad controversial in recent months, chances were that most players would be a bit buggered by the release.


While there are plenty of dissenting opinions, In and Out actually received quite a bit of positive feedback. Like every other Adversary Mode, it suffers from low player numbers. Coordinated efforts are being made on various GTA 5 related Subreddits to organize players to populate the Adversary Mode lobbies to combat this issue.

Even so, In and Out has seemingly fulfilled its promise of being Capture on steroids. Players who have had the luck to play with higher numbers of team-mates or even full lobbies report that the mode is every bit as frantic as expected.


Players have been sharing their thoughts on the new mode and many of them feel that In and Out is far too similar to Capture to warrant its own game mode, however there are opposing opinions.

Capture is way less intense in terms of gunfire and in the new mode you don’t have to drive huge distances to packages and back to your base.

Then again, there are those who like it precisely because it took the base concept of Capture, but put a new twist on it.

Personally I love captures and the new ‘in and out’ mode is to me a nice blend of capture with its ‘purposefulness’ and deathmatch with its intensity

Of course, there are those who aren’t as happy with the new mode as the above examples. Omitting the dissension lacking explanation, there have been those GTA Online players who’ve went to the effort of writing down their gripes.


4 minutes was nowhere enough time to collect all the packages.
Also do not play this with only one person on each team. It just becomes shootout till the timer goes off. So far I’ve only managed to get into games with small amounts of players so that’s been my experience so far. Will update if I discover something new.

It seems that the new mode is something of a mixed bag. However, how much of this negativity stems from Adversary Mode fatigue? GTA Online is desperately in the need of something new and different – jobs, contact missions and the like.

What are your feelings on the new GTA Online Adversary Mode?

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  1. total bs. nobody wants to join a public lobby because of the script kiddies.
    i was just robbed of 250k in ammo by one.