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GTA Online: Import/Export Details Possibly Leaked


While GTA Online's newest DLC, Import/Export, won't be released until next Tuesday, players have already dug up some of the specifics about the new update - or so it seems. As with any leak, we remind you in this case as well that regardless of a leaker' track record, any data that comes from a source other than Rockstar must be taken with a grain of salt.

Reddit user WhiteMilk_ has seemingly spilled the beans on many of Import/Export's features, and it seems that the info has been leaked from internal Rockstar communications. You can check out the full post here, while we've put together a list of highlights below.

Those special vehicles Rockstar mentioned in the announcement post of Import/Export will need to be unlocked with a special mission each, after which they may be used in Freemode. These unique vehicles include three that are a variation of "car with ramp on it", two amphibious variants of existing cars and a Voltic equipped with a rocket-engine. The prices of these vehicles range between one and six million (damn).

Another 11 regular vehicles will be coming to GTA Online as well, including many that will be customizable at Benny's Original Motorworks, which is a feature we haven't seen in a good long while - including the first bike to be added to Benny's.

In terms of gameplay, the car stealing mechanic will work similar to the crate missions of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. You'll use the SecuroServe app to receive info about which car to steal. After you grab it, you need to return it to the Vehicle Warehouse. Here, you'll have a choice of 3 types of sell missions.

The basic missions have you sell the cars as they are. The mid-tier missions include limited upfront payments for minimal modifications, while the top-tier jobs have hefty upfront payments for significant tuning and modding.

The leak also confirms that those 60 slot executive garages are used to store personal vehicles and add to the existing 6 property slots instead of replacing them or taking up once such spot. This way the maximum number of vehicles any player may own will be 130, with 120 of any vehicle plus 10 bikes in the clubhouse.

If the leaks are to be believed, one of the longest requested features is finally being added to GTA Online. Players will be able to change the appearance of their characters via a service that costs GTA $100,000 for each use (surprisingly cheap).

Which of these leaked features are you most excited for?


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