GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains Event Announced

Mere hours after Rockstar accidentally activated the next GTA Online event and then quickly pulled it, the official announcement is here. The newest event to grace GTA Online for the next seven days is a bit of a surprise, though one of the little presents players will receive for logging on.


Rockstar has been on a bit of an event binge in recent months, starting up a new one immediately the day after the previous event was over. They’ve also sped up their DLC release schedule, while also making said updates smaller than the ones we got last year.

Things might speed up (and get smaller) even more next month, as some leaks suggest that we will get a single new lowrider vehicle every week in April, making the term “drip-feeding”, as the community has begun to call this constant releasing of smaller content, perfectly fitting.

The newest event, which kicked off today, is something of a curve-ball. Interestingly enough, the week-long event focuses on an older piece of DLC for GTA Online – namely, Ill-Gotten Gains. The Ill-Gotten Gains DLC was released last year in two parts and focused on overly luxurious items with a high price.


The event will last through the 31st. Anyone logging on during that time will receive a free “The Shoulders Of Orion II”  shirt with no additional requirements. The Double RP and GTA $ promo this time around, because no event can go without, is for various races. Land, air and sea race playlists will switch one another with two day rotations, giving ace drivers a chance to score big.

Some of the rides from the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC will be discounted while the event lasts. The Progen T20, the Invetero Coquette BlackFin, the Coil Brawler, the Dinka Vindicator and the Lampadati Toro are all 25% off while the event lasts – and all modifications at Los Santos Customs have also gotten the same discount as a bonus.


Your garage isn’t the only that you can pimp out while this GTA Online event is going. Ill-Gotten Gains also introduced some flashy character customization items. All – yes, all – tattoos and clothing items from both Ill-Gotten Gains updates have had their prices slashed by half, so if you want to paint all over your character so that you can’t tell their skin-color, you can do so without eating up your savings.

The iconic weapon from Ill-Gotten Gains, the brutal Knuckle Duster, is also on sale. With various different flavors to choose from, collectors might want to own them all, which has now been made cheaper. Knuckle Dusters go for 50% of their full price during the event.


This event acting as a throwback to one of 2015’s most iconic DLCs is yet another sign that Rockstar is trying to keep the players occupied. This, coupled with their recent behavior regarding events and content, really indicates that they’re trying to keep something big real hush-hush, whilst also driving up anticipation in order to maximize the effect of when they finally reveal what it is.

Which part of this new GTA Online event are you most excited about?

Aron Gerencser
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