GTA Online Gets Howard NX-25 And Further Promotions

It isn't the Vigilante, it isn't the Hunter and it isn't the Lazer. Considering last week's Bombushka was a highly anticipated plane, we guess it's fair that Rockstar didn't want to drop another hyped up drip-feed vehicle right off the bat - these things need to last until the latter half of Winter, after all.

To climb inside a Howard NX-25 is to take a fuel-chugging, pant-wetting, whiplash-inducing trip down memory lane, stopping at every white picket fence along the way to enjoy a prescription cigarette and some discriminatory banter. Back in those glory days you didn't have to choose between form and function: a plane could be fast, easy and surprisingly good looking, just like your grandma. Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.

In what is a complete opposite of the heavy and hard-hitting cumbersome Bombushka, this week we're getting an almost impossibly sleek, speedy and unarmed stunt plane. The Buckingham Howard NX-25 is a retro light propeller aircraft designed for high speed and maneuverability and gets rid of any kind of armament or armor in order to achieve these goals.

Many players questioned the point of this plane, however in essence the "point" of it is the same as the point of the real-world counterpart - the Hughes' H-1 Racer. Used by Howard Hughes (hence the name of both planes), the H-1 once set a speed record. The NX-25 may lack weapons, but its purpose is to go fast and look good in the meantime. The plane's full price is GTA$ 1,296,750 (why not 1.3 million?), which is reduced to a far more attractive GTA$ 975,000 at trade price. It has a full set of upgrades save for anything affecting offensive capabilities and several liveries are available.


After Rockstar pulled this the past few events, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that the double RP and GTA$ promotion for Bombushka Run has been extended to cover this week as well. It's also joined by an additional promotion offering the same 2x rewards on all Adversary Modes based on Bunkers.

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Typically when a weekly update contains an Adversary Mode of its own, that Mode is used in the double reward event, and several times now that promo was extended to the consecutive week which had no new Adversary Mode.

In addition to the two modes, you'll be able to make more cash through the Gunrunning and Biker businesses, as both will get a 25% boost to production speed. This buff also applies to Bunker research (even though you should be fast-tracking it anyways).

This week Rockstar went overboard with aerial discounts, offering a whole lot more than usual. The LSIA Hangar I is 15% off while the A2 hangar in Fort Zancudo is 25% off, a discount shared by hangar lighting and floor graphics for all properties. All prices applied to the Savage and the Buckingham Swift have been reduced by 35% while the price of the Swift Deluxe by 40%. Parachutes and accessories are 25% off. Bringing things down to earth, Rockstar has thrown on a 25% discount on the Annis RE-7B, former fastest car in GTA Online, the Western Nightblade and the Principe Lectro.

If Rockstar continues to follow their pattern, it means that next week we'll get a new Adversary Mode next to the vehicle. Check back to find out which ride will arrive in GTA Online next.


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