GTA Online Holiday DLC Content Leaked?

With mere days until Christmas, it feels like the announcement and release of the inevitable Holiday DLC update for GTA Online will happen any moment now. However, much like in the case of Executives and Other Criminals, players are still leaking content even this close to release. It seems that the in-game models of a few masks that the update will be adding, along with the new vehicle, have been posted online ahead of announcement.


Part of the upcoming update’s content was leaked alongside info regarding Executives and Other Criminals a while back, however this newest info dump holds some new surprises. Data-miners dug it up from the files of last week’s DLC. It appears that Rockstar pulled the same trick as they did with Lowriders and the Halloween DLC, as the update you downloaded to get Lowriders contained the Halloween files, which were simply activated at a later date.


Some of the newly leaked content includes an optional Christmas tree in your apartment (or yacht?), as well as other decor. However, the main attraction is the festive heist masks, which have a beastly twist this year along with the obvious festive theme. We get a Sasquatch wearing a Santa hat, an extremely creepy Christmas tree with appropriate mouth and eye holes, and a… turkey? Yeah, your character can wear a turkey on their head.

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This year’s Festive Surprise will also be adding a new vehicle to the game, however unlike the Halloween DLC’s Lurcher and Franken Strange, this won’t be thematic. Unfortunately, we’re not getting a diesel engine sleigh drawn by high-octane reindeer, but we are getting the Tampa muscle car which hearkens back to  San Andreas and the Ballad of Gay Tony.


Another interesting piece of info is that while you can alter the interior decor of some apartments in the Executives DLC, that does not count as the apartment customization feature which was leaked back in the day, so you can expect to see an Apartments DLC early 2016.

Will you be celebrating Christmas with GTA V?

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