GTA Online High Life Week Focuses On Inch By Inch

Now that Rockstar has squared away all of the GTA Online DLC for the month, they’ve revived the trend started by the throwback Ill-Gotten Gains event week they organised not too long ago. Players have likely drained their savings by fully upgrading the three new lowriders, so they’ll be glad to hear there is a new opportunity to rack up double the cash and to save big on certain purchases.


In the spotlight this time is the newest GTA Online Adversary Mode, Inch By Inch (again). We’ve mentioned before how for the first time on months, there is no leaked content making the future of the game obscure other than that “other” football related Adversary Mode. It seems the leakers misinterpreted the code snippet – two new maps have been added to Inch By Inch, playable know.

Now that we have this answered, there is absolutely no indication of what the next updates might have in store for us. Nonetheless, people are hungry for something new, so much so that a large movement in favor of a Biker themed DLC is petitioning Rockstar to bring specific features to GTA Online.


In the meantime we’ll have to be satisfied with the two new maps: Inch By Inch III takes place among the hay-bales at the Grapeseed farm, while Inch By Inch IV has players dodging incoming planes at the Los Santos International Airport.

Since this is an event week after all, there has to be some kind of double GTA $ and RP promo going on, right? Rockstar has brought back the timed event playlist system, which keeps cycling through various playlists during the week, starting with Inch By Inch through Sunday. The other two types will be Races through Tuesday and TDM until the event is over.


However, for the first time in a good long while, the playlist isn’t the only way to earn twice as much. While the event lasts, you’ll be getting twice the experience from all of the contact missions that were introduced to GTA Online with the High Life DLC way back when, as well as VIP jobs and challenges (too bad the double cash payout isn’t active here…).

No GTA Online event week can run its course without a decent line-up of discounts and this event is no different. Like the name would suggest, the items on offer during the week are of the highest luxury. Docktease is offering a 20% discount on each of the three yacht tiers, as well as 25% off customization options.


If you’ve been saving up for a yacht and were just short of affording it, this will get you to your goal sooner. 20% may not seem like much at first glance, but it is well over a million in the case of each boat. It might be a worthy investment, since the VIP Piracy Prevention job can only be triggered if you own one of these beauties.

Despite the “High Life” name, this event week seems to make place for a lot of bonuses focusing on content from Executives and Other Criminals. First the yachts and now the Stilt Houses are also discounted. Granted, they’re on sale alongside the High Life penthouses and every single-garage property with a 25% discount.


The event also makes good on the High Life theme by offering players a 50% discount on the Bullpup rifle, a weapon introduced in that DLC, as well as a number of character customization items that were added as a part of the same update such as clothing items and various accessories.

Which part of this new GTA Online event week are you most excited about?

Aron Gerencser
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