GTA Online Head To Head Week Set Loose

If you thought that Rockstar would put an to their endless stream of event-weeks just because the release date of their next big GTA Online DLC was announced, you were dead wrong! Just a day after the end of last week’s Capture carnival, Rockstar has kicked off their newest collection of double RP and GTA $ opportunities mixed with discounts.

Head to Head week turns the spotlight back on racing and vehicular combat. During the weekend, all races – including fan-made maps – as well as the SUMO Adversary Mode will reward players with twice as much cash and RP.


For some reason Rockstar is skimping on the double GTA $ promos lately, as both last week and this week we only saw opportunities to rack up twice as much cash during the weekends as opposed to the whole event, as was customary in the past. While the boosted payouts were helpful, they were hardly substantial enough to decrease Shark Card sales, so this is kind of baffling.

However the double RP promo is here to stay. Playing the event playlist from Monday onward will still help you jump those levels at double the speed.


As brief as it may sound, that’s where the activities for this event end. However, Rockstar more than makes up for it on the discounts side of things. If you’re looking to live in style away from the stress of the big city and still have property slots to spare, all Stilt Houses are 50% for the whole duration of the event.

Stilt Houses were introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals DLC as high-end luxury residences, with large interiors and elegant furnishing. As such, they have a pretty hefty price-tag to match.


In a rather odd move, a particularly sought-after vehicle has also had its price slashed. The Benefactor Dubsta 6×6 is a sturdy ride and pretty rare on the streets of Los Santos – which shouldn’t be surprising, since it was designed for the most hardcore off-roaders.

The Dubsta isn’t the only rugged car to be discounted during this week. If you’d rather tear through the mutilated corpses of your enemies instead of rough terrain, Warstock Cache and Carry has you covered. While the standard variant of the Insurgent has had its price slashed by only 25%, you can buy the armed version at half price throughout the event.


The biggest money-saver however comes for one of the most expensive stores in GTA Online. All upgrades and mods that can be bought at Benny’s Original Motorworks are discounted by 25%. Fully upgrading a lowrider is just about the most pricey thing you can do in the game beyond buying a yacht or a golden jet. 25% might not seem like much at first glance, but when that comes off of more than a million, it suddenly seems a lot more significant.

If you plan to misbehave during the span of the event, getting out of trouble is going to be cheaper. Exactly 75% cheaper. All of Lester’s services, available via in-game smartphone are at a discount – getting rid of the cops or putting a price on someone’s head won’t set you back as much.


Last but not least, Ammunation is also decreasing the price of select items in their stock.  The Shrewsbury RPG and Hawk & Little Homing Launcher are both discounted by 25%.

But what is a gun worth without stuff to shoot from it? Both of these heavy weapons spit rockets like there’s no tomorrow, so it is easy to find yourself wanting. The ammo for both weapons is discounted by the same amount as the arms themselves.

Which part of this GTA Online Event Week appeals to you the most?

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