GTA Online Halloween Adversary Mode And Zombie Hoax

With the possible announcement and definite release of the GTA Online Halloween “surprise” DLC drawing near, excitement is mounting. And whenever excitement regarding a new GTA Online DLC mounts, you can guarantee that rumors will jump into the saddle as well. With the spooky masks, new bobble-heads, two new vehicles and the new weapon revealed by data miners already, you can bet that the latest info they’ve uncovered is also good – as is their warning about a particular rumor which is as popular as it is fake.


But first, the good news – the upcoming Halloween DLC will be adding a whole new Adversary mode to GTA V (we’re getting a ton of those nowadays, aren’t we?) with a spooky theme. Players of this game mode will sure as hell be making good use of them spooky masks the update is introducing to the game. For the best experience, make sure to play in first person with headphones.

I’ll stop pulling your legs now. The new Adversary Mode is called Slasher, and much like the eponymous film genre, features one player who takes on the role of the titular “Slasher”. The Slasher is equipped with a machete and needs to hunt down the other players, who are unarmed, in a given amount of time. Once the timer runs out, the surviving runners are blessed with shotguns, and the hunter-prey relationship gets multiplied by minus one.


As for that rumor you should look out for, it is anything involving the undead. No matter what you see, no matter who says what, there is no way zombies are coming to GTA V – yet. One particular rumor showed a spiked baseball bat as a weapon that will be added in the update, with the caption “undead nightmare”, a clear allusion to the Red Dead Redemption expansion. Reputable dataminers confirm that the upcoming update has no such weapon, nor any undead.

What part of the GTA Online Halloween DLC are you guys looking forward to the most?

Aron Gerencser
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