GTA Online Hackers Implicating Innocents

Hackers causing problems in GTA Online have been an issue since the day the game went live. There’s all sorts of nefarious cheats and mods surfacing, making the lives of honest players that much harder. We say “hackers”, but these people are usually no more than script kiddies who downloaded a mod or trainer made by someone with some actual coding knowledge. They then simply pressa hotkey to screw up the game. These mods and hacks have been evolving over time as the cheat-detection methods employed by Rockstar have become harder to fool.


One method which has become increasingly popular among hackers is implicating their victims. When a hackers wants money, they don’t spawn it themselves, rather they target another player character, “infect them“, and collect the money popping out of the victim’s body. This also ticks off the cheat detectors, however it is the infected who is seen as the hacker.


While spawning money is one thing, another trend that has been on the rise is hackers powering through deathmatches by granting their victim with insta-kill abilities, which blow everyone up< /em>in the lobby, regardless of distance, sans the hacker themselves.

Several Reddit threads are discussing how there is a sudden increase in the number of hackers in GTA V, despite the new anti-cheat system implemented in the 1.29 update that is allegedly catching them left and right. This could suggest that a bypass has been discovered, and has begun spreading among underground communities, exposing the GTA Online servers to unsavory individuals once more.


While whispers of a crucial exploit in the very same lobby regarding temporary characters was discovered soon after launch, that particular hole was seemingly plugged, as the launch was followed by a wave of bans, as opposed to a hacker invasion.

Have you ever been implicated by a hacker in GTA V.

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