GTA Online Hackers Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Ho ho ho, folks. In some cultures, the 6th of December marks a sort of pre-Christmas celebration, with Santa coming on this day instead of Christmas Eve (someone else handles that). Well, it seems that the players of GTA Online have been put on the naughty list, as their present sure feels like coal.


In what seems to be their interpretation of a joke, the hackers currently running rampant in GTA Online have taken to gifting players large, wearable Christmas trees. The catch? You can’t get rid of them. The addition of dinosaur eggs is just adding insult to injury. Hackers forcing various props onto their victims is hardly a new occurrence, however putting a holiday twist onto it just seems dastardly!


Recently we’ve reported on the possibility that the modders might have cracked the PS4, and the Xbox One along with it. While the older consoles and the PC succumbed to the scripters quickly, the current generation platforms were safe. However, based on the experiences of a GTA Online player on PS4, owners of the newer line of Sony and Microsoft gaming systems may soon be burdened by unwanted festive decorations.

The GTA Online player who reported the coniferous assault described a scene of worrying frequency. First, the hacker seemed to be benign, adhering to the etiquette of GTA Online more or less, and going so far in his courtesy as to offer (we mean that the scripter just added the funds to the account without asking) the soon-to-be victim GTA$180K.


Shortly after the transaction, the hacker proceeded to wish the player merry holidays by ritually spawning a decorated pine tree upon and into his character, accompanied by a dinosaur egg. The victim was unable to rid himself of the tree, even when quitting GTA Online and logging back in, and was forced to turn to the authorities.

What kinds of evil “gifts” do you wish GTA Online modders should receive as punishment?

Aron Gerencser
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