GTA Online Hackers Allegedly Drain Cash

With the particularly terrifying Insurance Fraud hack having only recently been fixed by Rockstar’s swift deactivation of the Bad Sport and Insurance Premium systems in GTA Online, the report of one player may be the prelude to yet another fright.


Back when the Insurance Fraud hack was still around, players were advised to stick to invite-only lobbies, as the hackers were kept out from them. The whole situation felt like a pandemic was spreading in the game and the invite-only lobbies acted as safe zones for the survivors.

The modus operandi of the Insurance Fraud hack was fooling the game into thinking the victim is constantly destroying the hacker’s personal vehicle, billing them the insurance cost and docking them with Bad Sport points. However when Rockstar disabled both systems, they rendered the hack inoperable.

The report of a GTA Online player might be sign of ever worse to come. Reddit user and GTA Online player Ximitar recently posted an account of a particularly harrowing and troubling experience he had while playing Online.


After gritting his teeth and winging it in a modded lobby for a while out of defiance, he got fed up and left. When loading into the new lobby, he realized that all of the cash he had in his in-game account was gone and the only money he had was the cash in his character’s pockets which wasn’t deposited.

This happening right after leaving a modded lobby makes things pretty hard to mistake for a bug or glitch. Worst case scenario, this is the field-testing of a new kind of hack which zeroes out the GTA Online accounts of either players who enter or leave the modded lobby.

Have any of you guys run afoul of a similar issue in GTA Online after leaving a modded lobby, or is this an isolated incident?

Aron Gerencser
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