Complete Gunrunning Guide For GTA Online

Mobile Operations Missions

Mobile Operations missions can be launched from you MOC if you have either the HQ or the Accommodations module installed. These missions each focus on one of the weaponized vehicles added with the update, and like Special Vehicle missions, completing them will shave off a percentage from the purchase price of the relevant vehicle while also giving you a chance to try them out without having to buy them. In total, there are 8, and they unlock sequentially based on how many times you've resupplied your bunker.

Severe Weather Patterns: Dune FAV (2 resupplies)

Intercept and take down Merryweather air supply lines in Blaine County. Weaponized Dune buggies will be issued to the team and should be returned upon completion.

Severe Weather Patterns has your group use two Dune FAVs to take out a series of Merryweather cargo aircraft. Your first target is a lone cargobob at Sandy Shores, followed by another escorted by a Buzzard near Harmony. Things start escalating with a Titan escorted by a Mesa taking off from the Sandy Shores airfield, after which you'll go after another Titan escorted by Froggers heading towards Sandy Shores. Finally, there will be a last helicopter flying over the highway, but this time Merryweather will try intercepting you with Mesas. To finish the mission, you'll need to return the Dune FAVs to the drop-off point.


Half-Track Bully: Half-Track (4 Resupplies)

Infiltrate enemy agent base of ops and limit their power by securing a Weaponized Half-track from their fleet. Vehicle to be returned to friendlies.

This mission begins with the team getting into a Dinghy and going to the retrieval point. In a military complex, there is Half-Track stored among enemy agents. One player will need to reach the vehicle and begin hacking with the SecuroServe app while staying in range, during which the other players will have to provide cover from the waves of enemies approaching. Once the hack is complete, you need to get into the vehicle and being driving to the drop off point. The route will take you through Los Santos, and throughout the chase you'll be up against a total of 2 Valkyries, 5 Buzzards and 8 Fugitives.

Exit Strategy: Nightshark Anti-Aircraft Trailer (6 Resupplies)

Protect the nations's important allies/customers as they try to depart LSIA by private plane and helicopter. Turreted Trailers will be provided for the purpose, and should be returned.

This mission has your team grab one of all three configurations of the AA Trailer with the task of protecting three VIP NPCs who will board planes. All three will be attacked both in the air and on the ground, but the aerial attackers will be your biggest worry. The VIPs will be distributed throughout the area of LSIA and will arrive sequentially so you only ever have to worry about one of them at a time. Once all three are safe, the players will have to deliver the trailers to a drop-off point at Cypress Flats.

Offshore Assets: APC (8 Resupplies)

Making use of the amphibious nature of the APC, you'll be retrieving valuable cargo from a downed ship while enemies try to take you out.

Cover Blown: MOC (10 Resupplies)

This mission has you retrieve a MOC and deliver it to a drop off point intact while large numbers of enemies pursue you armed with amped missiles.

Mole Hunt: Weaponized Tampa (12 Resupplies)

In Mole Hunt you'll be using a weaponized Tampa to hunt down a rogue agent. The agent's location is masked by signal jammers, which will be your first target. After taking these out, you'll be able to pinpoint the location of your target and hunt them down before they make their escape.

Data Breach: Oppressor (14 Resupplies)

This is probably the most fun mission of the lot, so naturally it's one of the last. Enemy agents stole confidential data using Oppressor bikes, which you need to steal and deliver back to the drop-off zone.

Work Dispute: Oppressor (Completion of Data Breach)

Your enemies have gotten themselves their own MOC. Of course, this cannot stand, so Agent 14 sends you out on some missile-equipped flying bikes to take care of the problem, as well as any ground support escorting the rogue MOC.

MK-II Weapon Customization

Gunrunning has revamped the customization and upgrade system for six weapons in the Gunrunning update. The Pistol, SMG, Combat MG, Assault Rifle, Heavy Sniper and Carbine Rifle can now be upgraded with a much wider array of attachments and cosmetic options.

The weapon upgrade costs are as follows:

  • Pistol Mark II - GTA$ 73,750
  • SMG Mark II - GTA$ 85,500
  • Assault Rifle Mark II - GTA$ 98,750
  • Carbine Rifle Mark II - GTA$ 107,500
  • Combat MG Mark II - GTA$ 119,000
  • Heavy Sniper Mark II - GTA$ 165,000

These need to be researched at your bunker, which we covered previously, and mostly include new weapon color schemes, finishes, scopes, ammo types, under-barrel attachments and suppressors. The new ammo types and scopes will be the most useful new upgrades, as the scopes include night-vision and thermal variants which will give you an edge in combat.

The ammo types are the true stars of this feature, however. Incendiary rounds give you an edge in on-foot PvP as your shots no longer simply deal instant damage, but will cause additional damage over time, meaning even if your enemies take cover after getting hit, they might still die after the fact. The Heavy Sniper's explosive ammo takes the cake though, as 2 shots are enough to blow up a Hydra, and just about anything else.

Tracer rounds leave trails evoking the tint and livery of the weapon being used, helping with aiming. Hollow Point rounds and Full Metal Jacket rounds cause more damage to unarmored and armored targets, respectively. Explosive rounds are, well, rather self-explanatory.

Other Profit Maximising Tips

Based on this, you've all you need to maximize your profits from the Gunrunning business. However here's some additional tips that we'll add to as they are discovered...

Faggio Boost

Since the Oppressor, the jet-powered bike, is registered as a bike by the game and not as a vehicle of a separate class, the MC formation function works, and others riding in your formation will match speed even when rocket-boosting. Grab a few mates, hop on your Oppressor, have them mount Faggios and proceed to make the day of everyone else in your lobby.

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