GTA: Online Gun Locker Bug Fixed

A recently discovered issue regarding the cross-compatibility of the MC Clubhouse and CEO Office gun lockers has been addressed by Rockstar after a user reported the bug via Rockstar support. The gun lockers have been the long-anticipated answer to the poorly designed weapon wheel that has been plaguing GTA Online pretty much since launch - however it ran into a bit of a snag.


Reddit user CrimiClown discovered the issue when he got around to buying an MC clubhouse and a CEO office in GTA Online around the same time. He started off with the clubhouse, which he equipped with a bonus gun locker. After customising his loadout to his preference, he went on merrily to buy the upscale office space needed to play the content of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.


Thinking that one gun locker is enough to keep his weapon wheel clean and organised, he chose not to shell out the extra cash needed to set up the office with one as well. Then came the figurative slap to the face - while he was a registered CEO, since the game detected no gun locker in his office, his weapon wheel reverted to its cluttered and abysmal self.


So what, if you dump your guns at your clubhouse and change into a suit, suddenly your arsenal re-materialises in your pocket? Well, this didn't seem right - and before any of you start it with the "Rockstar is greedy" shtick, let me remind you about all the free DLC the game has gotten - so CrimiClown contacted Rockstar support about the issue.

True enough, CrimiClown himself reported that the bug has since been fixed, and now it does not matter which of the two gun lockers you own, their effects will be felt regardless of an active CEO status, active Biker status or no active status. You'll only need to buy a single one to enjoy the benefits of the gun locker anywhere you go.


Well, almost anywhere. The issue of the loadout changes not carrying over to missions remains, leaving weapon wheels cluttered during the most crucial of situations - such as during heists. Here, you'll still have to sift through all of your bazillion guns before you select the few that are actually useful. Here's hoping a gun locker feature is implemented to cover *all* aspects of GTA Online.

Do you have a gun locker in any of your specialised GTA Online properties?

Aron Gerencser
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