GTA Online Gets Third Car, Power Play Maps

In the past two weeks, GTA Online got a pair of small scale updates, each adding a car along with some other bonus content. First in line was the insanely expensive Grotti X80 Proto, which is now the fastest car in the game, followed by the Pfister 811, a hybrid supercar with a sassy description to boot.


The first update was accompanied by the surprisingly popular new Adversary Mode, Power Play, which is basically your regular old team deathmatch with all kinds of crazy power ups that turns players into the super-fast and super-strong beast from the “Hunt the Beast” Freemode Event, or they mess up the control scheme of the enemy team.

The mode kicked off with three maps, like most Adversary Modes do. However, following unprecedented success and popularity, it was likely that it would too receive another map-pack like some of the other Modes have in the past.


Which brings us to the bonus feature of this new mini-update. However, chances are most players are most excited about the all new car that has been added to the game – the Dewbauchee Seven-70. The car is an addition to the “sports” class of in-game rides and shows it off with a sleek design.

Despite the pretty haughty tagline of “the one percent is the only percent that matters”, the Seven-70 isn’t exactly a record breaker. Players have tested the vehicle, legendary GTA Online car tester Broughy1322 (pretty much the only YouTuber dealing exclusively with GTA whose videos aren’t unwatchable trash) included, and the results aren’t stellar.


Overall, the Seven-70 ranks 7th (providence?) on the list of sports cars in terms of overall race performance. Its price isn’t exactly too high either – just $659,000. Of course, to low level players, that might still seem like much, but in comparison to the $2,700,000 of the X80, it is pocket change.

The visual customization options are pretty standard, however the carbon black roof cannot be changed and will remain the same color and material as the stock version. There is some room for performance upgrades, but keep in mind that the ranking of 7th place refers to the fully upgraded version.


The update also adds those three new Power Play maps we’ve talked about above. The three new locations are the LSIA (quite the popular location for missions), the Port of Los Santos and the banks of the Alamo Sea. These new locations are bound to add a spin to the fan favorite Adversary Mode.

But what is a GTA Online update without an accompanying event, right? Instead of the usual event playlist offering double RP, Rockstar instead has two special playlists which will net players twice as much GTA $ as well as RP.


Through the 8th, the three new Power Play maps will be included in the playlist. This is one of the better paying Modes by default, so make sure to capitalize on the double promo. Starting on the 9th and running through the 11th, this playlist will be replaced by another with two Power Play maps and a “guest” map from the Trading Places Adversary Mode, which was introduced in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC.

Of course, there is also your regular host of discounts, however this time around Rockstar really pulled themselves together with some really useful price cuts. First and foremost is the 20% discount on all offices and interior decor – these offices usually start at one million and are required to run black market missions in GTA Online. Add to that a 15% discount on warehouse workbench upgrades and this event really benefits fledgling CEOs out there.


If you’re mostly satisfied with how things are going but feel that in order for your life to be complete and round, you just really need to own a freaking attack helicopter, Rockstar has you covered. The fearsome Savage is now 50% off, meaning that securing airborne defense for your crates won’t eat into your savings as drastically as before.

Garages are also discounted while the event lasts, which is fitting with all of these new cars being added. If you haven’t maxed out your limit for properties and garages, now would be the time to do so. At 25% off, the 10 slot garages are pretty affordable.


Finally, Rockstar is increasing the amount of time that the limited Independence Day special items are available in GTA Online. The vehicles and items will be up for grabs until the 11th of July at a 25% markdown. This gives players who were away from home for the 4th a chance to get their hands on a Liberator or Sovereign, as well as a Musket for good measure. All of the content that was introduced with the DLC, sans the ground-fireworks, are on sale.

Which part of this new GTA Online update and event has you the most excited?

Aron Gerencser
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