GTA Online Gets Special Cargo Bonuses

There are a lot of reasons why Special Cargo in Grand Theft Auto Online is 'special'. The important ones are the origin and the value, but this week Special Cargo is extra special - and it isn't alone. Some races join in on the fun, and there is a standard selection of discounts as well.

Gta Online Special Cargo Sell Missions

A booming business and loose morals has become the go-to GTA Online meta for wealth for years now - greatly mirroring the real world - so big time grinders out there should all be very familiar with Special Cargo Sell Missions. These already lucrative deals are paying out double rewards this week, so load up and get selling.

Special Cargo Sell Missions give you a choice of delivering the goods over land, sea or air. If you haven't gotten enough airtime while farming that crispy GTA$, it's time to engage in some Air Races and Stunt Races, as both series are paying out not double but triple cash and RP all week long.


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Other bonus opportunities include the returning Inch by Inch Adversary Mode, temporarily cycled back into the job rotation, and the full selection of VIP/CEO Work and Challenges. There was a time when being a VIP was top-dog stuff, but nowadays these challenges are a good way for relatively newer players to build up some capital before jumping into the real businesses.

Gta Online Test Ride

This week's Prize Ride Challenge tasks racers with placing Top 2 in any LS Car Meet Series Race for six days in a row. While quite the tall order, successfully completing the challenge will earn you a free Karin Calico GT. The Pfister Growler, Vapid Dominator GTT, and Dinka RT3000 are on the Test Track, and the Vulcar Nebula Turbo is spinning on the podium at the Diamond.

In keeping with this week's main bonus, Special Cargo Warehouses are 35% off, while Executive Offices are 40% off. On the vehicle front, the Lampadati Komoda, Truffade Nero, Truffade Nero Custom, Karin Sultan, Karin Sultan RS, Declasse Voodoo and the Declasse Voodoo Custom are all 30% off.


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