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GTA Online Gets Pegassi Esskey

It seems were looking at the new content model for GTA Online going forward in what we got with Cunning Stunts and Bikers. Both major updates kicked off a series of smaller expansions, adding various new vehicles as well as other content to the game in smaller packages instead of leaving the space between two major updates blank.


Continuing the Bikers theme, which was kicked off some time ago with the eponymous DLC, Rockstar Games has added an all new two-wheeler to GTA Online. The Pegassi Esskey marries a vintage design mentality with modern techniques and materials, creating a unique new-retro scrambler.

While this won't be the kind of bombshell that the Shotaro turned out to be, - after all, you can hardly compete with a literal freaking light cycle from Tron - however, to the right audience, this just might be the bike they have been waiting for. While the official announcement and store description both poke fun at hipsters, it must be said that this bike does look pretty damn good no matter who's looking at it.

This isn't some jumped up vintage throwback. This is what would have happened if the classic designers of the 1960s had stayed in production, hemorrhaging money and creativity with every passing decade, until they were reduced to churning out over-marketed nostalgia trips to trust fund hipsters in their second year of college. An instant classic, then.

The Pegassi Esskey is already available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $264,000, which is a far cry from the $2,225,000 Shotaro released previously. The bike features a number of customization options, such as removing the license plate or the headlight trim. The latter causes a marked increase in traction, much like in the case of the Vortex.


In fact, the Esskey features some pretty extensive customization, allowing for the style of the vehicle to truly reflect the rider. The design and wide array of modification have drawn much praise from the community already.

In terms of performance, the Esskey won't be breaking any records - but then, at such a price, who would expect it to? This isn't meant to be a racing vehicle, nor is it the best ride to take along for missions. It is, however, stylish as hell and a prime choice for a Freemode cruising vehicle to get you around GTA Online's map when you're just faffing about.

Will you be grabbing GTA Online's newest bike?


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