GTA Online Gets New Weeny Issi Races And Discounts

Rockstar shines the spotlight on the cutest car of Grand Theft Auto Online this week, with a new set of races featuring the Weeny Issi alongside a series of discounts and double rewards promotions including a new round of heists. In the meantime, anticipation for the next major DLC mounts.

This week's new content is being covered by a series of 7 new races built specifically for the Weeny Issi. The diminutive star of The Vespucci Job got its own Classic Race Series, featuring tracks such as Repeater, Sidewinder and City Jumper. The races are included in this week's many double RP and GTA$ promotions, so if you like speeding with what is analogous to a Mini, you're in luck.


Joining the Weeny Issi Classic Race Series in the double rewards promotions are a new set of heists - last week, Rockstar brought back one of the game's most popular weekly events by offering double payouts on select missions from the Heists update.

The Prison Break heist is back again for an encore round of 2x rewards, as well as the full run of Humane Labs and the finale of The Doomsday Heist Act II.

If these promotions aren't your cup of tea, Rockstar is offering another option.

Lamar's Contact Missions close the list of activities offering twice as much RP and GTA$ as usual, completing a diverse selection in which all players can find something that works for them. This flurry of double GTA$ earning opportunities will certainly help people stock up on cash.

The Doomsday Heist, part of which is included in the promotions, is locked behind a property requirement however, and it isn't the only activity.

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Many of GTA Online's most lucrative activities require players to make an initial investment of purchasing a special kind of property linked to that particular line of work. These properties are usually priced rather high, however this week's discounts help make them more affordable.

Facilities, required to play The Doomsday Heist content, are 40% off, while the Hangars necessary for Smugglers Run and Executive Offices needed for Further Adventures In Finance And Felony are 50% off.

CEO work enabled by the offices were once the peak of GTA$ earning methods and are still great ways to grind for cash, and with the current discount the cheapest option is just GTA$ 500,000.

A wide range of vehicles are also discounted, and you'll be needing some of these for your businesses to flourish.

All vehicles on offer have a 30% discount, and the list is quite long: Mammoth Avenger, Ocelot Stromberg, Akula Stealth Helicopter, Buckingham Valkyrie Helicopter, Överflöd Entity XR, HVY Insurgent, HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, Karin Technical, Riot Control Vehicle, Maibatsu Mule and the Nagasaki Dinghy.

A series of outfit accessories are also half price as part of this event. Bulletproof helmets, combat outfits and country flags for your yacht and parachute bags are included, as they were last week. The country flags are being discounted in honor of the World Championship going on and will likely remain on discount while it lasts.

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