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GTA Online Gets New Trap Door Adversary Mode, Discounts

It's update-day in Grand Theft Auto Online and Rockstar Games' wheel of content stopped on Adversary Mode instead of new vehicles this time around. Joining the new mode is, as always, ways to earn double rewards on certain in-game activities, as well as discounts on vehicles and items - following last week's free money giveaway bonanza, you'll have plenty to spend on those.

The new Adversary Mode available in GTA Online is called Trap Door, which acts as an interesting spin on the classic team deathmatch mode. Players are dropped into an arena suspended high above the ground (or sea) that shrinks in size, with sections of it periodically disappearing from under your feet.

If you get fragged the game gives you a second chance by dropping you on the very edge of the map. If your mad dash for survival inward fails you're gone for good, but if you reach the safe zone, you're back in the fight. Through the 21st of May Trap Door will reward double RP and GTA$.

In case you feel all the free money Rockstar threw at you last week isn't enough for a solid financial background, Trap Door is joined by two among the game's most lucrative activities for the double reward promotion.

Both Bikers and Smuggler's Run sell missions yield twice the GTA$, with the former awarding double RP as well. To make the most of this bonus check out our Bikers and Smuggler's Run guides.

Discounts this week include a selection of vehicles among which some have never been on sale before, but the star of the show is the 30% discount on Executive Office Garages. With all the vehicles Rockstar is adding to the game it's real easy to run out of garage space, so now is the time to do a bit of expansion.

The vehicles, dubbed "fan favorites", introduced an interesting new way for Rockstar to promote and foster fan interaction - the images used for the vehicles have each been taken by GTA Online players and posted on various social media. Take an impressive shot of a vehicle and one day your image might get signal boosted in a Newswire post about discounts.

We air-quoted fan favorites up there because the first vehicle on the list is the Mammoth Hydra, which is arguably the most hated vehicle in GTA Online. It's also 40% off, so if you want to get shouted at or receive a torrent of angry messages, knock yourself out.

The rest of the discounted vehicles are all cars and all 25% off. These include the Vapid Caracara, DeClasse Hotring Sabre, Coil Cyclone, Vulcar Fagaloa, Vapid GB200, Lampadati Viseris and the Ubermacht SC1. At the same discount you'll find all sniper rifles, all assault rifles, all shotguns, all ammo and Doomsday Heist tattoos.

Last week's money giveaways were reminiscent of the kind of stunts Rockstar pulls just before a new major DLC, but if that is the case this time around as well. then we'll have to wait a tad longer for confirmation or announcement.


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