GTA Online Gets New Supercar From Ocelot

We're hoping you haven't grown tired of DLC cars being added to GTA Online, because Rockstar has thrown a new one into the mix and it likely won't be the last either. There is no new Adversary Mode this time around, however the discounts and promotions are plentiful.

The new car, the Ocelot XA-21, is a futuristic supercar, though that may have been blatantly obvious from the name alone. Adding to the already long list of futuristic supercars, the XA-21 has a price tag to match at GTA$2,375,000.

The tests have rolled in and while a swift ride, the XA-21 isn't the new king of the road, though it is 'one' of the best cars, not the best car when it comes to racing. In regular races it is a great choice, its performance in Stunt Races leaves the previous fan favorites retaining their positions.


Unless you're a massive fan of the design, the XA-21 may be too little for too much. There are limited upgrade options and no liveries, which paired with simply not being the best racer make that price-tag seem a tad on the heavy side. Nonetheless, we cannot deny that the car is a looker, and the XA-21 sure is a gem for collectors.

Having broken the string of relatively cheap vehicles being added in mini updates, Rockstar compensated by ramping up the double RP and cash promos this time around too. Instead of the standard one method of gaining twice the rewards, there are three activities which will net you bigger paychecks for this event.

Two of the community's favorite Adversary Modes, which are widely regarded as the some of the best designed, will be doling out double RP and GTA $. These are Slasher, introduced way back in the Halloween DLC of 2015, and Sumo, which is basically a lethal variant of dodgem.

If Adversary Modes aren't your thing, you'll be delighted to know that one of GTA Online's most lucrative activities, Gunrunning sales, will be giving double rewards as well. With such an offer, we don't suspect many will waste time with Adversary Modes, as a multiplier on this particular mission type will make millionaires out of everyone in no time. To reap the maximum benefits of this promotion, check out our guide to mastering the Gunrunning business.

Rockstar has gotten back into the trend of shooting off limited edition clothing items as log-in rewards, a trend that was common around 2015 and all but disappeared in 2016 and early 2017. Players jumping into GTA Online while the event lasts - which is through the 21st - will get a black Coil logo t-shirt.

If the XA-21 doesn't interest you and you'd rather spend the cash earned from those double rewards on more practical goods, there are plenty of discounts on offer.

With the double RP and cash promo on Gunrunning sales, now is the best possible time to jump into the business. To help you get started, Rockstar has discounted the Route 68 bunker by 25%. Bunkers unlock access to research, weapons trafficking and the purchase of the Mobile Operations Center, which acts as your base on the road. The MOC, by extension, allows you to buy custom variants of military vehicles. Really, the Bunker is the key to unlocking most of GTA Online's newest content.

A bunch of heavily armed and armored vehicles have also been slapped with a 25% markdown. The full list includes the Valkyrie, the Anti-Air trailer, the APC, the Hydra and the Phantom Wedge - which, as an added bonus, can be chosen to tow your MOC. Finally, all tats and clothes added to GTA Online with the Gunrunning DLC are also discounted by the same percentage.

Blaine County's illicit weapons market has never been as saturated as it will be in the coming week. With such a hugely generous set of money making deals, our DLC-sense is tingling. Could we see a somewhat larger update coming soon?

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