GTA Online Gets New Stunt Races

GTA Online has received yet another mini-update leading up to next week's release of the Stunt Race Creator. The Cunning Stunts update was slated to contain the overhaul to the Content Creator, however that feature was delayed and placed over into its own DLC, with the gap being bridged by two smaller scale updates running in the same stunting theme.

Cunning Stunts initially launched with 13 new vehicles and 16 official stunt races, which was expanded with another three rides and 6 maps in last week's mini-update. Several motorcycles and cars in many classes have been added, including the newest holder of the fastest car in the game title.

Premium Races, a new way for pro racers to show off their prowess and earn larger sums of cash was added. Premium Races all have a relatively high participation fee and the added risk that only the player finishing in first place gets a money reward. There is incentive, however, for everyone in the face of a triple RP multiplier, which is applied regardless of which position you finish in.



Cunning Stunts is also notable for its departure from the status quo of GTA. While most other updates and previous games more or less stuck to reality with some exaggerations and satire going on. This DLC on the other hand went entirely crazy with the dangerous stunts suspended in skyscraper altitudes thing it has going on.

This newest mini-update will add the last batch of officially built stunt races as the arrival of next week's Stunt Race Creator will allow players to make their own death-defying races - in GTA Online, that is. The distinction is important, since mods have enabled players to enjoy custom Stunt Races as a solo experience ever since the original Cunning Stunts DLC initially launched.


Some of the content in this update isn't surprising, as a batch of five new vehicles was leaked shortly after the main DLC was released. Three of those were added to the game last week, with another 3 new vehicles coming in this update. That leaves just one ride which is an actual surprise. Either way, the new cars simply add to the already massive library of vehicles available to players, with all too little garage space.

Five new races have been added to the game today, focusing on various vehicle classes giving you a dust off some of your less often used rides for a quick spin on the racetrack. The new maps visit a wide variety of locations to keep things from becoming dull.


First up is the Chiliad Stunt Race for super cars. While running this circuit won't help you solve the Chiliad Mystery, it will push your skills to the limit. Taking the scenic route in this case means catching some air and braving some deadly traps.

H200 for sports cars will take you dipping in the sea around Los Santos. A water themed stunt race, this map kicks off on the beach, taking you across various platforms being licked by the waves of the ocean from beneath. If you're not careful, your car will end up taking a closer look at the seabed, taking you with it.

Over The Bridge is what happens when you use bikes for a race more suited to helicopters or jetpack, in the sense that you'll spend more time in the air than with your wheels touching some solid surface. Set in an industrial dock environment, this glorified jumping puzzle is a point-to-point race with a wanton disregard for hard surfaces.


Vespucci is a stunt race taking your across the titular beachfront in supercars. You'll be alternating between the streets and massive floating tubes and platforms, where one wrong turn is all it takes to take a plunge into the deadly waters of the sea below. Bring sunscreen.

In keeping with the theme of the ocean and pain, The Wave is a coastal stunt race for bikes which will have you twisting and looping in a way that would make braving the sea during a storm more like the gentle rocking of a cradle. While stunt races in general are ill advised for people who tend to get motion sick from the screen, this should particularly avoided in that case.


The three new vehicles added to the game are the Vapid Contender, the Bravado Buffalo and the MTL Dune. The last one of these is a Pegasus vehicle with two variants, which differ in livery and price. Below is a list of the prices, credit to Reddit user arestopies1 (who since deleted their account).

  • $GTA 1,300,000 - MTL Dune Globe Oil livery
  • $GTA 1,380,000 - MTL Dune Fukaru Racing Livery
  • $GTA 250,000 - Vapid Contender
  • $GTA 535,000 - Bravado Buffalo

Of these, it is the Bravado Buffalo which wasn't leaked almost two weeks ago, while the others were revealed ahead of schedule. It seems that the buffalo is really the only one tricked out for actual racing, though the Dune is allegedly a prime choice for off roading.

The contender on the other hand is best suited for CEOs, as it is one big piece of reinforced muscle. That thing can take quite a few hits and keep going, plus it is pretty damn stylish (especially in the color shown on the screenshot).


The new DLC also means a new Premium Race has come into rotation. It is none other than the all new stunt race introduced in this very update, H200. If you think you have what it takes to win this thing, time to fork over that 20k in order to walk away with 100k.

Another thing the new DLC means is that a new week long event has kicked off too. Logging into GTA Online between today and the first of August will unlock a free gold jumpsuit, running in the vein of the racing theme that has dominated the game for the past two weeks.

Through Friday, all stunt races will reward players with not only double RP, but twice the regular cash payout as well. Discounts this week include a 20% price slash on all vehicle resprays and neon additions, allowing you to race in style on the cheap. If catching air with ground vehicles has tired you, it's time to fly proper. The Nimbus Jet and Volatus Heli are both discounted by 30% while the event lasts.


The Stunt Race Creator will arrive to GTA Online next Tuesday, August the 2nd, however the future of the game beyond that has possibly been revealed as well. Recently, data-miners have happened upon info pertaining to a possible biker DLC incoming for the game.

Reputable leakers TezFunz2 and Yan2295 have discovered several references to biker missions in the game files, which would be structured similarly to CEO and VIP jobs. Mention of a new garage that can be customized has also popped up, which would finally alleviate the issues many players have with there not being enough garage space to fit all the vehicles the game keeps getting from DLCs.

Beyond this info, some details about the Stunt Race Creator were also leaked, such as some of the new props and one of the new features, which allows you to edit or delete props which are part of the default GTA V map.

Which part of this new mini-update has you most excited?

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