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GTA Online Gets New Set Of Special Vehicle Races In DLC

Grand Theft Auto Online players with high octane in their blood can rejoice today as a new selection of races has been added to the game.

This expansion of the Special Vehicle Circuit lineup brings new vehicles into the fray with a series of double reward promotions and discounts focused entirely on the non-conventional rides, planes, bikes and other methods of transportation you can acquire in the game.

10 new races have been added to the Special Vehicle Circuit's selection, all focusing on vehicles that were never before seen in these competitions.  The Imponte Deluxo will shine in 4 races: Stadium Flyover, Raton Race, Cresting and Techno. A returning theme in all of them is that the flying capability of the Deluxo is built into the race, so tracks will cover both solid ground and thin air.

Spindrift, The Kraken and Plunge feature the amphibious Ocelot Stromberg. Like the Deluxo races, all of these make extensive use of the Ocelot's ability to traverse two utterly different environments, and have you switch between dry land and the clutching depths of the ocean time and again. Finally, the Mammoth Thruster can shine in the spotlight after years of waiting for it to show up in Vinewood Air Tours, Chiliad Drop and FlyLo Challenge.

By this point it should not surprise any of you that the new DLC content will also grant you double reward payouts. Through the 7th of May, all Special Vehicle Circuit races will reward players with twice as much GTA$ and RP as usual. Since Rockstar has spoilt the playerbase with multiple double reward promotions each event these past few weeks, they couldn't let this DLC release slip by with just one, so all Special Vehicle Work, accessible from your executive office, also pays out double.

Since this event is all about the Special Vehicles, discounting a selection of them seemed like the logical route. We bear witness to the return of the magical 25%, as all six vehicles - including the Stromberg, Deluxo, Thruster, Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic and Blazer Aqua - are discounted by this amount. After getting used to a wide range of discounted items, this seems a bit of a letdown, but then these vehicles contain huge amounts of entertainment potential.


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