GTA Online Gets New Round Of CEO Bonuses

It's that time of the week again - a new GTA Online bonus has been announced, with promotions starting today. In preparation for the very likely next week release of Import/Export, the focus this time around is, naturally, CEO gear. The discounts, the free collectible and the Modes getting the double RP and cash treatment all fit into the white-collar criminal's entourage. Break out that contraband whiskey, suit up and grab your favorite weapons - it's time for a corporate event.

First up, let's look at the free collectible. Every now and then, Rockstar adds a special goodie to a particular event which can be unlocked and acquired simply by logging into GTA Online while the event lasts. Almost always, these goodies are some form of in-game clothing, like t-shirts of pajamas.


This time around, Rockstar opted for the same tried and true duo of clothing items that they always used when the theme was centered around CEOs - pajamas and a smoking jacket. This time around, the pattern on offer is Blue Paisly, and damn, that's one chipper looking garb.

But enough about the freebies. What players are most interested in are the double cash and RP opportunities on offer. In keeping with the CEO theme, the Entourage, Extraction and Hunting Pack modes will be yielding double rewards for every enterprising CEO and their small army of bodyguard.

Plus there's also Deadline added to that lineup, because why not? After all, we're talking about freaking light-cycle battles from Tron. Deadline was one of the better paying - and better received - Adversary Modes by default, so a double cash promo involving it will surely excite many players. Playing at least one round of Deadline is still the unlock criteria for the 2 million Shotaro, so you better hone your skills for this one.

The main discount on offer for this event is one that showed up not too long ago, actually. Could be that the interest spiked to such a degree that Rockstar decided to go for an encore. All executive offices are now 50% off, which is a welcome discount for anyone seeking to jump into the business, seeing as these offices start at one million and only go up from there at full price.

However, there is plenty to like on this event's menu of discounts. In fact, one of the discounted items is a bit of a paradox. You'd think that all these discounts before the release of Import/Export have the purpose of getting all players to spend their cash so that they need Shark Cards when the DLC releases - however one discounted item flies in the face of this.

Special cargo crates are 25% off while the event lasts - their purchase price, that is. While you'll be spending just 75% on the crates themselves, you'll be selling them for 100%, boosting the profit margins of one of the most lucrative activities in the game, offering players the chance to make literal millions.

A number of vehicles are also discounted by 25% percent. These are a selection of rides from the Executives and Other Criminals and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLCs. The vehicles on offer are the Turreted Limo (50%), all models of the Baller, the Declasse Mamba, all models of the Enus Cognoscenti, the X80, the FMJ and the Benefactor XLS.

Other miscellaneous deals include 50% off office decor, assistant services, and all clothing items from Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. Vehicle upgrades from your warehouses are also at a 25% markdown.

Last but not least, we have our new Premium Race. Through the 12th of December (which is Monday, so you can expect a release date for Import/Export on the 13th, Tuesday), the top players of the GTA Online racing scene will compete on the track "Canyon Crossing".

Which aspect of this event excites you the most?

Aron Gerencser
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