GTA Online Gets New Adversary Mode For Thanksgiving

The USA’s favorite holiday is coming up and Rockstar wants to give thanks for a great year of GTA Online… with more GTA Online!


The culled turkeys are in the ovens, the surviving turkeys are preparing for the pardoning ceremony, the parades are being set up and the football players are preparing for the ceremonial games. While the Thanksgiving is a tradition observed in countless countries for countless different reasons at various different dates, Americans have claimed the holiday (like so many others) as their own. The holiday originated in England long before the British colonized North America, and settlers took the tradition with them to the new world.

In keeping with the tradition of holding ceremonial football games, Rockstar games has introduced an all new Adversary Mode to GTA Online following that theme. The new mode, called Running Back, is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As they’ve announced before that the PS3 and Xbox 360 won’t be getting any new content, this new mode isn’t making its way to those consoles either (this still needs pointing out, as many comments and feedback we receive are still laced with people asking about last-gen).


The mode is team based, in a red versus blue setup, with either 8 or 16 players. The Blues are on the offensive with one of their team driving a Benefactor Panto outfitted with a special bumper. The rest of his team, as well as the Reds (defense) drive durable BF Biftas.

The new mode is available on three maps, two of which are bridges, and one is a tunnel to facilitate the kind of gameplay it has introduced. The driver in the Panto must try to cross the end zone line whilst dodging the onslaught of the Reds attempting to prevent this from happening. Who’s given the new GTA Online Adversary Mode a try?

Aron Gerencser
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