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GTA Online Gets Madrazo Contact Missions, New Vehicles

Grand Theft Auto Online just brought back one of the story mode's meanest faces, and lets you work for him, in this week's drip-feed DLC. As always, the new content is flanked by a posse of discounts and double reward promotions. Rockstar Games has also revealed next week's new content.

The star of this update is without a doubt the crime-boss Madrazo. Michael runs afoul of this ringleader in GTA 5's storyline, where he is an antagonist. In his appearance in GTA Online however, Madrazo is a potential employer - a new contact bringing with him a set of missions. Co-op only, Madrazo's Dispatch Services tasks the players with eliminating individuals who did something inconvenient enough to end up on the boss' (s)hit-list.

Missions will involve players breaking into LSPD holding cells where targets are incarcerated and all-out guns-blazing assaults on Merryweather fortifications. While the concept may remind people of the Hitman series, the similarities end with the contract killings because you shouldn't expect any kind of sneaky subtlety. As per usual new-content procedure, Madrazo's contact missions will yield double rewards for the next week.

Joining the new contact missions is a pair of new retro vehicles, both of them channeling the Cold War era.

The Lampadati Michelli GT is a good old classic sports coupé based primarily on an Alfa Romeo design. Performance-wise it doesn't excel in its class being left behind in terms of top speed by other Sports Classics, which makes its price of GTA$ 1,225,000 rather baffling. This is one of those vehicles that only enthusiasts would buy.

The RUNE Cheburek on the other hand is a super cheap Soviet-era Eastern European sedan based on various Lada vehicles. The Cheburek perfectly channels the feel of those crappy Soviet brick cars which, for all their flaws, absolutely never broke. It's rough, like really rough, but it's also tough - and it can be yours for just GTA$ 145,000, which is the cheapest price for a vehicle we've seen in a long time. If your character's brand is washed-out hipster bum, this is the car for you.

Joining Madrazo's Dispatch Services in the double reward club is Trap Door, Motor Wars and both Smuggler's Run and Gunrunning sell missions. In case you desperately want to blow your cash on something, you're in luck since bunker research got a 2x speed boost, making this the best time to invest in some end-game upgrades.

Rockstar's discount-game is strong this week, with a sweeping 50% markdown on all Hangars and Hangar Workshop renovations as well as 40% on all Bunkers and renovations. There are a wide range of discounted vehicles available as well including the Progen Tyrus, the Vapid Ellie, the Pegassi Tezeract and the Pegassi Oppressor for 25% off.

All Mobile Operations Center cabs are 30% off, while the Buckingham Volatus, the Nagasaki Havok, the Western Rogue and the V-65 Volotok are 40% off.

Next week Rockstar will be adding a set of seven new Transform Races tracks to GTA Online in an update.


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