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GTA Online Gets Infernus Classic, Resurrection Adversary Mode

Right on schedule GTA Online once again got a new update on Tuesday, and the next weekly car has been added to the game alongside one of the two teased Adversary Modes. The game's lineup of classic sports rides has been expanded, and players have an all new way to get into PvP scuffles.

The new vehicle is, as previously leaked, the Pegassi Infernus Classic. The car is a retro take on the regular Infernus which has been in the game since launch - what's more, it has been in every GTA game since 3. The Classic hearkens back to ye olde style of sports cars that enthusiasts get all worked up about, and we understand why.

The Infernus Classic really is a looker, and with its suite of customization options available, the stock variant is just the beginning. With a design primarily based on the Lamborghini Diablo, with a touch of Ferrari Testarossa near the front, the car is pure old-school luxury. The headlights are animated to fold up when activated, which is a great touch. One apparent departure from the design of the Diablo is that the Infernus Classic features butterfly doors as opposed to scissors.

Experience tells you that anything this hot must be crazy, and you're not wrong. The Infernus Classic is the kind of car that'll dazzle you with its perfect cheekbones, empty your bank account, and once you're sleeping in the wet patch it'll finish you off with a rusty machete. What's not to love?

We see why many players are ready to rush out and immediately drop the GTA$915,000 needed to own this ride, but before you do, a word of caution: for players who care more about performance than looks, we suggest waiting till next Tuesday. Thanks to the wonder of mods, Broughy has already tested both this car and the Turismo Classic. The Infernus Classic comes in at almost equal, if a tad better, than the Stirling GT, which is the current best car in the sports classic class. The Turismo Classic, however, will blow both out of the water by a long shot, and it's cheaper too.

Now, let's save fans a bit of time before they get angry about the stock spoiler on the car. Even though the vanilla, store-bought model comes with a spoiler on it, that still constitutes and upgrade, at least as far as the 3D model is concerned. Hence the leaked images showing the car without (since the spoiler is a separate asset). You can, however, remove the spoiler if it strikes your fancy, however doing so will cause the car is oversteer.

The other notable addition of this update is the all-new Resurrection Adversary Mode, which takes the standard team deathmatch mode that gamers have been playing for decades and tosses a twist on it. This really plays into the "gallows humor take on dodgeball" tease we got a while back.

We, at the time, suspected that this meant the introduction of a mechanic where scoring a kill for your team also meant bringing one of your killed buddies back into the fight, much like in those middle school dodgeball games we all had to suffer through during phys ed.

The game mode places even more emphasis on staying alive than regular deathmatches, even if your team has the lead. The tables can turn countless times, a lone player against a whole team has a pretty good chance if they even score a single kill since they get backup. It's a whole lot more thrilling than regular TDM in this sense since staying in the lead isn't an easy task thanks to the new mechanic.

The mode allows for two teams of up to 8 players with 4 being the minimum, and can be played across 7 maps including the Aircraft Carrier, the Windfarm and Elysian Island. But we suspect the mode might be getting further maps as others have in the past, provided it is popular enough. In case the cool premise isn't enough to get players to bite, the new mode also has a double rewards promotion on-going with no end date set.

Next week we'll be getting the vastly quicker Turismo Classic, and quite possibly the Top-Down Adversary Mode. There has been no official word on when the Duke O'Death is added or when the returning player content becomes accessible to other players, but we suspect that will happen after the Turismo drops rather than before. In the meantime, we can all have some fun shooting each other in a marginally different way than before and chill in our new classic rides.


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