GTA Online Gets Discounts, Events And No New Content

For the first time in a long time no new content has been added to Grand Theft Auto Online on a Tuesday.


No new vehicle, no new Adversary Mode, and no proper DLC like was to be expected after the previous wave of drip-fed weekly content was maxed out. Instead, Rockstar is treating players to discounts and bonuses, like always.

The lack of DLC is pretty striking - even if the weekly car was just a minor addition, Rockstar has maintained an unbroken streak of Tuesday releases for so long that not getting anything just feels off, and is bound to fuel the "Red Dead Redemption 2 will kill GTA Online" conspiracy theorists. Even though this is hardly a sign of the end-times.


What Rockstar does have for us this week are discounts and bonuses running in the theme of stunt racing. The double RP and GTA$ promo for this event applies to all Rockstar created AND Rockstar Verified Stunt Races, which is unique in the sense that most often it's only the officially released tracks that get featured.

With the Verified races being added, the pool of double reward tracks is pretty massive, making it easier to find ones which are to your liking.

Players logging in while the event lasts get a pretty special reward, one which is more substantial than an in-game shirt - though the style of this one is divisive.

Simply logging into GTA Online until the 12th of March will unlock for you a Tartan livery for the Pegassi Oppressor. Who wouldn't want to clad their missile-launching, flying jet-powered death-bike in hipster fabric? ...Well, a lot of us, but hey, if you dig this sort of thing, power to you.

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Things look cheerier on the discount side of things with some fantastic deals on cars that will serve you well in those double reward Stunt Races.

The Annis RE-7B, which was until very recently the fastest car in the game, and is still absolutely competitive, is 35% off, the Dewbauchee Vagner and Emperor ETR1 are 30% off and the Benefactor Streiter returns to the typical 25% discount (which everything here on out shares), alongside the Tropos Rallye, Vapid Trophy Truck and Pegassi Torero.

A huge list of customization options are also discounted, all by that magical 25% Rockstar loves so much. Engine upgrades, transmission, exhausts, liveries, spoilers, turbo and brakes all fall into the sale. Since the event already has you driving stunt cars in Stunt Races, you might as well dress the part with 25% off all Cunning Stunts clothing items.

Finishing things off with a more generic, and not particularly useful discount, is a 25% discount on all regular, non-MKII ammunition.

The large number of discounted cars seems to be some kind of compensation for a lack of actual DLC. We're guessing things have been pushed back a week and we'll be seeing a trailer and/or announcement this Thursday or Friday, seeing as that didn't happen last week.

Either way you can bet that Rockstar didn't quietly turn off the content-tap, so keep an eye on our feed for any news.

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  1. The only DLC we need is the great Bug Fixing DLC for GTA Online titled: "GTA Online finally out of pre-alpha." But there probably will not be any kind of DLC before summer at best. Why would they release anything new for this game when they have a new game just out which needs a lot of attention, amirite?

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