GTA Online Gets Comet SR And Discounts

The last vehicle in this batch of dripfed weekly DLC is now available in GTA Online for all players. On the one hand, it’s cool that we get a new car, but the main attraction here is the fact that it being the last in this batch means more major content is likely imminent. To "see The Doomsday Heist off" with a bang, Rockstar has also put together some of the best promos and discounts for this week.

When it comes to best send offs, the new car missed the mark however. The Pfister Comet SR is a minimally upgraded version of the regular Comet with limited customization options and a rather large price tag. While some may say that it’s purposeful satire since minimal, nondescript upgrades are what Porsche has been doing with the 911 in real life as well, it doesn’t make it any less appealing just because of the snark.

While the car does look decent after you put it through what little customization is offered, the base Comet is still more of a looker if you ask me (and the majority of the community). One advantage the SR has is that you can remove the spoiler if you so wish. Of course, some people care about performance over looks, in which case... well, the SR still isn’t looking good. A few marginal stat increases are all it gets.


... Except for a rather beneficial bug.

Some of you might be familiar with this sort of issue from previous instances where vehicles had parts of their models clip with the curbs resulting in abnormally high speeds. In the case of the Comet SR, however, the wheels seemingly clip with the fender if you upgrade suspension, resulting in the same effect.

Now, the car handles pretty well, but at the bugged high speeds it can be tricky to control. Also, this advantage likely isn’t permanent, and will get fixed sometime down the line. Keep that in mind when you decide whether or not to buy this thing, as it is no small investment. The car costs GTA$ 1,145,000, plus the upgrades and customization needed to make it decent. Just don’t get too used to that high speed!

In addition to the new car, there are also a number of discounts and promos going on in GTA Online right now.

Double RP and GTA$ can be earned in a wide array of activities during this event, including the highly lucrative Gunrunning sell missions, special vehicle missions, the Air Quota Adversary Mode and all Rockstar created (created, not verified) Transform Races. Of these options, the Gunrunning sell missions are by far the best for making cash - to maximise your income, check out our guide.

In terms of discounts, the magic 25% off is back in force with only a trio of items reduced by 30%. If you want to dip into the content of The Doomsday Heist, you’ll need a facility, and while the properties themselves are still full priced, graphics, styles and the security room upgrade are all 25% off. The Avenger, your flying HQ for the same DLC, is also discounted at the same rate alongside some other aircraft, including the Lazer, Volatol and Seabreeze.

Also discounted are the Declasse Yosemite and Vapid Riata. The items with a 30% discount include all Mobile Operations Center cabs, the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up and the HVY Nightshark, allowing you to arm yourself to the teeth on a budget.

Since we’ve maxed out this batch of content, it means that according to Rockstar's usual schedules, we’ll get some kind of teaser or announcement around Thursday with a bigger DLC being released next Tuesday. It could be the first truly major DLC of the year on par with the likes of Smuggler’s Run and The Doomsday Heist, or it could be a smaller update like Transform Races and its ilk while Rockstar gears up for a bigger release during summer.

Keep an eye on our feed to find out!

Aron Gerencser
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