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GTA Online Gets 3 New Vehicles And New Mode

Grand Theft Auto Online's latest update packs a serious punch in terms of content, particularly for a simple weekly dripfeed DLC.

With three new vehicles and a new Adversary Mode, this is the biggest small update the game ever got, and then there's still the standard set of discounts and bonuses, as well as a little something extra for the 20th.

The new Adversary Mode, which prominently features one of the new vehicles, is just one big "The Italian Job" reference. Called the Vespucci Job, it sees one player sitting behind the wheel of the all-new Weeny Issi Classic who needs to hit all the checkpoints in time, or sitting behind the wheel of an LSPD squad car who needs to apply deadly force to catch the crook, with multiple players playing as cops and just one trying to escape.

Since new modes always get the spotlight, playing the Vespucci Job will net you double RP and GTA $ through the 23rd of April. Additionally, all bodyguards and associates will also earn double during this period.

Speaking of the Weeny Issi Classic, the car is nothing short of a masterpiece. Mainly based on the '70 Mini, it has some Trabant design elements baked into it, making it the quintessential quaint collector car. It's small, it's strange, it's bound to be the butt of many a joke, but it's got charm in spades.

The front-engine front wheel drive vehicle has the best acceleration in its class, and while it doesn't have a high top speed, it's extremely agile, fits into spaces most other cars don't, turns corners like a charm and overall handles really well.

It's also going for chump change, as you can buy one from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for just GTA $ 320,000.

The other two vehicles, the Vapid Flash GT and the Sea Sparrow, aren't anything to sneeze at either.

The Flash GT is a speedy hatchback made for rally racing, packs decent customization options, is highly competitive in its class and the Ford Fiesta RS WRC-based design looks fantastic. The car costs a heftier GTA $ 1,675,000, and comes with an odd quirk - while fully functional, the left headlight lightbulb's 3D model is reversed, making it look like it's missing.

The Sea Sparrow, a helicopter that can land on water, is tiny, fragile, and unarmed unless you upgrade it, priced at GTA $ 1,815,000. We question the wisdom in spending that much on something held together by a Pritt stick the practical uses of which are limited. But hey, if you've been waiting for an amphibious helicopter, have at it!

In terms of discounts, Rockstar has surrendered to the apparently irresistible charm of the number 25, because save for a single item, everything is 25% off. The sole exception is the Phantom Wedge, at a 35% discount, with everything else being uniform - these other items include the Karin 190z, the Vapid Hustler, the Albany Hermes, explosives and throwables, all melee weapons, body armor, bulletproof tires, liveries, bumpers, resprays, skirts, spoilers and tire smoke.

Rockstar also knows their target audience well enough to throw together a few bonuses for the 20th of April - 4/20. All weed businesses, weed business upgrades and green tire smoke will be 50% just that day, and all weed sales will earn players 50% more GTA $.


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